Over & Out Berlin…

IMG_0242My Outfit: Ba&sh top, Zara jeans, Saint Laurent shoes & bag, Muubaa leather jacket.

IMG_0247 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0265 Berlin,_Neue_Wache,_interior_view,_2005 IMG_0269 IMG_0274 IMG_0271 IMG_0276 IMG_0278 IMG_0291 IMG_0298 IMG_0305 IMG_0313My outfit: Topshop shirt, J.Crew trousers, Le Specs sunglasses.

IMG_0377 IMG_0387IMG_0344My outfit: Iris&Ink red dress, Saint Laurent shoes, Wilbur&Gussie clutch.

The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: See underneath photos for details.

The Fashion Bug’s Story:  I got back yesterday from a very fun, memorable and quick weekend trip to Berlin. Having never been before with just 40 hours in the city and a birthday party to attend on Saturday night, I wanted to learn as much as possible and get the most out of the city. After arriving at Soho House late Friday night and having a few drinks at their fabulous rooftop bar, we decided to call it a night and get some shut-eye in order to be up bright and early the following morning. We had a leisurely breakfast in the sunshine, after which we met up with Michael (a mountaineer/ex-army officer/historian/enthusiastic tour guide/all around fountain of knowledge), a guide we hired to take us around Berlin. A tip from me to you: if you visit a city, get a private tour guide! We crammed into 4 hours what could easily take the average-Joe tourist sans tour guide many days to see.

Berlin is a city rich with culture and history, and spending a weekend there is simply not enough. It would be a futile effort for me to give you a detailed account of what we saw as I am not a historian and I would not be able to do justice to the sights I saw but I hope that some of the photos speak for themselves. What really stayed with me were the various war memorials we saw during the day such as Käthe Kollwitz’s sculpture Mother with her Dead Son; set up in the centre of the Neue Wache building directly underneath an Oculus, I can only imagine how powerful it must look on a rainy day.

After our tour we were mentally and physically exhausted and needed a break. We went to a restaurant called Borschardt, a Berlin institution, for a delicious Wienerschnitzel and then headed back to the hotel to prepare for the evenings festivities.  The dinner was held at the beautiful members club “China Club” and I opted for a dress from Iris&Ink to go with the evenings red theme. A relatively early flight combined with massive bouts of tiredness following Saturday’s party meant we had no time for exploring the city on Sunday…but Berlin I will be back!

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: I would love to give you a more extensive list of tips, but with such a short trip there are many things that were left unseen. I didn’t even get to visit a concept store called Apartment I had heard is amazing! But I suggest to….

Stay: At Soho House. Absolutely loved the rooms, the service and the facilities.

Dine: At Borschardt for something chilled or Tim Raeu for Michelin-star food.

Visit: Where do I begin? As I said, hire a guide. We used this company http://www.insidertour.com/ which I thoroughly recommend.

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