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Good morning to all of you! Apologies for my site being down yesterday. Turns out that because the boutique section of my blog uses so much space I needed to upgrade to a different hosting plan yet I received no email warning telling me that I needed to do this! Apparently it was visible on my hosting site but seeing as I am the opposite of a technical wizard I had no idea. Oh the joys of self-hosting a website. I used to host it through wordpress but about 6 months ago I gave my site an upgrade and that meant that any problems I run into (including my site getting hacked!) I have to deal with myself or find a web developer to do it. Anyways long story short my site is up and running again and I can write a blog post for you all!

I am so excited today as a) Mila turned 5 months and b) my best friend has gone into labour and she is having a baby girl too! It is so amazing to think that they might be best friends too one day 🙂 I am thinking of her every second and I am so excited for her to become a mother. I literally tear up when I think about it.

I thought that today I would focus on something a bit different. One of you asked me what restaurants I like to go to so I am going to run you through my favourite haunts in London. If you follow my insta stories you will see that I like to go on a date night once a week and we are quite sociable as a couple so we eat out a lot (most of the time taking Mila with us even for dinners in the evenings as she sleeps so well.) I do love getting dressed up and going to top London restaurants but I am equally happy going to the local Pizza Express in my leggings and hoodie. It really depends what mood I/we are in! I would love to say that I am experimental with my choices but after years of living in central London I know what I like and I don’t really experiment with new places. Rather than listing them all I thought I would just talk/ramble through them as they come to my mind! I am a sucker for Asian food so some favourites include Nobu (I prefer the original Park Lane one to the Berkeley Street one), Sumosan, Sexy Fish (current favourite,) Umu, Hakkasan, Roka, Dinings in Marylebone (although its not as good as it used to be), Novikov and the Japanese restaurant at The Arts Club. Speaking of The Arts Club I also love dining in their main restaurant and going there for a drink as they have a fabulous bar. More locally I love Chisou and Dozo. I go to Byron when I feel like being a piggy and when I want to stay local I go to Brinkleys or Alio e Olio on the Fulham Road. China Tang is my favourite for Chinese (you have to have the duck!) and I never get bored of The Ivy restaurants – I live close to both the Kings Road one and the Kensington High Street one and its great for breakfast and meetings. I absolutely LOVE a restaurant called Mari Vanna – it is Russian and is always full of Russian families. The food is heavy but so so good especially the Khachapuri (cheese bread.) My parents are from Finland and so I go to The Nordic Bakery whenever I need a little Scandi fix. I am not such a fan of pub food but I do like the atmosphere in The Thomas Cubitt. For Italian I love Ricardos, all of the Olivo restaurants and for a more dressed up evening the Italian restaurant in Novikov (they have two restaurants under the same roof.) One of my all time favourites is The Wolseley although the acoustics are AWFUL and its always so noisy so my husband is never that keen! Coya has a fun atmosphere and the food is delicious, The Ledbury is lovely for a family meal on a Sunday and Texture on Portman Place is a restaurant we have been going to for years for date night. I would love to visit East London/Islington more but I just cant face the travel time it takes to get there and back so we hardly ever go. Having said that the first proper date I EVER went on with my husband 8 years ago was to a restaurant in East London called Les Trois Garcons that sadly no longer exists. It was quirky and different and a great place for a date! I absolutely love Grace Belgravia because you can work out and then have a healthy meal afterwards – and the restaurant is open to non-members too. A great restaurant that has yummy food but is also very baby friendly is 34 in Mayfair. And close to that is a place I love going to for breakfast – the very unglam Mount Street Deli. For steak I think CUT is great as is Hawskmoor. And finally for drinks I mainly stick to hotels (and pubs – I love the Anglesea Arms and The Builders Arms in the summertime). I always find there is something super glamorous about hotel bars and my absolute favourite is The Connaught.

I have now made a Christmas section on my blog where I will be putting together gift guides for you and constantly updating these! The first one is up now with gifts under £100 for men, women and babies 🙂 Wishing you all a lovely week and enjoy the sunny weather! xx

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