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Hi All! I have promised for a while to do a post all about baby fashion and here it is. My posts are a bit few and far between at the moment mainly because the only time I do anything work related is during the girls lunch time nap or in the evenings. I am LOVING being a mum to two girls and I just want to make the most of every moment with them. I am going to do a full write about about how its going so far but just to give you a quick update its been surprisingly smooth. I think as a second time mum you are often more relaxed about things – I was quite chilled out with Mila but I did have a routine with her and I think it really has helped with the transition. But looking back I think maybe Mila was just that way inclined. She used to wake up every three hours like clockwork for a feed and luckily only ever woke up once in the night unless she was having a regression. But I also made sure that she was in bed at exactly 7pm and woke up at exactly 7am. With Anoushka I am way more relaxed about routine and she is just so easy so far that at the moment I don’t feel the need to have one but I do believe in routine and so at some point I will try to get one going. Having said that, she has sort of fallen into the same routine as Mila anyway – she obviously sleeps much more than Mila but having them nap together from 1-3 each day has just been the dream!

The hard part for me has been the fact that I don’t get to really spend one on one time with Mila at the moment which I miss. She is at such a fun age and I loved going out with her and thinking of fun things for her to do. Even though we are quite active as a family and do lots of things, because of the fact that I am feeding Anoushka on demand right now I just can’t be as attentive as I was before. So yeah, splitting your time between two kids is hard because you feel guilty either way and I just love both girls SOOOOO much. But I am sure that over time this will get easier and you find a balance. Have promised to do a nursing outfit blog post too- hopefully by Friday. The thing is much like my pregnancy and not wearing maternity clothing, I am not planning on suddenly wearing nursing brands because I simply haven’t found any that I like. So at the moment I am wearing mainly jumpers and trousers from brands I love because I can easily lift up my top and feed Anoushka – I am so relaxed about it this time that I don’t really need for something to have super easy access but saying that I do miss wearing dresses! I am sure there are many dresses that work for example wrap dresses but I just need to figure out which ones!

Anyways more about that later. As you are probably all aware I love dressing my girls and so today I want to focus on baby/kids fashion. The store I buy most of the girls clothes from is Melijoe – I just love the brands they have on offer (such as Belle Enfant, Tartine et Chocolat, Oscar Valentine and Bonpoint) and the website is very user friendly. Smallable is also great especially for gifts such as the tricycle that Anoushka bought Mila (you can find it here.) But there are lots of smaller brands and other stores I love – La Coquetta is a favourite as is Little Circle Kids, The Nursery Window, Blue Almonds, The TotAlexandros Kids, Alex&Alexa and Benedita. I also LOVE Zara – their cashmere is actually really good quality and their shoes are always super cute. So much like the clothes I buy for myself I like to mix it up for my girls: luxury pieces with some highstreet items. Oh and I have to mention here Mila’s cape – its from Monsoon and I get SO many DM’s about it but it looks so luxe but is a total highstreet steal! Shop it here (its on sale too!)

To make things easy I have put below some of my top picks from my favourite sites and be sure to check out the other sites I mentioned all linked up above 🙂 xx


La Coquetta:


The Tot:

Tartine et Chocolat:

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  • Thanks for a great post! You have me totally hooked on Melijoe. It’s such a great website and their shipping and returns are super fast. I hate returning something online and having it take so long for a refund. Melijoe is A+++