Bern Baby Bern!…

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The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: J.Crew fluted skirt, Isabel Marant winter boots, Chanel bag, Joseph fur coat, J.Crew fedora, COS rollneck, N.Peal snood and Illesteva sunglasses.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: I have had a booking at Berners Tavern consistently every month or so since January 2014 and now finally this Sunday (January 2015!!!) I managed to go for the first time…no joke. Every attempt has been crushed due one reason or another…so this Sunday was a momentous occasion! I am glad I did make it because I fell in love with the place – the room is stunning and the food delicious. I decided to really go all out for this event and wear my very favourite ensemble – all black. It contrasted perfectly with the bright sunny winter day. My boots are a new purchase from Isabel Marant and they are sooo comfy – like an actually cool version of uggs. You can wear them with the fur folded down or turned up for a sleeker look. This month is set to be a record-breakingly cold one so I will be living in these for sure.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: Make sure you try the chorizo avocado bread at Berners Tavern – best eggs in town!

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