Breaking Tradition…

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Lets be honest: who doesn’t love a bit of fancy dress? I always look forward to celebrating Halloween, and every year I try to outdo myself with an even crazier costume than the year before. I honestly cannot remember the last time I didn’t dress up for Halloween and spend the night partying away with fellow zombies, ghouls and superheroes. I always find it hilarious how the majority of women (myself included) use Halloween as an excuse to be as scantily clad as humanly possible. Come on…we have all done it!

However, even the strictest traditions must sometimes be broken and so this year my husband and I decided to avoid Halloween altogether by heading to our favourite English countryside hotel – Coworth Park. Perhaps it was all those summer trips to Ibiza that got us craving for some calm, but I have to say that going to bed at 10pm and waking up feeling fresh at 8am on both mornings was pure bliss. Particularly when the weather was as freakishly warm as it was on Saturday.

Since the first time I set eyes upon Coworth Park, I have been a massive fan. The service, interiors, atmosphere, spa and grounds are of the highest quality and as an added bonus it is easily accessible from London. But this hotel is particularly special to us because it is where we came just after we got engaged 2 years ago and every time I go there I get a goofy grin on my face thinking about those memories. For a special occasion I would recommend the Arbuthnot Suite (heaven!) but the rest of the rooms in the main house are also beautiful and particularly cosy during dark November days.

Check out the hotel here xx

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