Christmas Essentials With Mytheresa

December!! Wow this year has gone quickly. Almost end of 2021. For me always a time to reflect and a time to  be grateful for all the good that has happened.

I actually found 2021 quite challenging – for many different reasons. I feel like the year started on a high and hopefully ending on one too but somewhere in the middle things felt really hard. I will never forget this one particular week we had so many things happen all at once but it REALLY does make you appreciate the good times and be so very grateful when they come around again.

I love this time of year. For the buzz. The beautifully lit streets everywhere you look. For the trees and the food and the parties (I’ve been very social recently and to be honest it felt good after 4 children and however many lockdowns!) For the music! And especially for the magic especially seeing it through my children’s eyes. I have so many fun activities organised for the next weeks and cant wait to celebrate Christmas as a family of 4!

I very much have two moods in December: Full on glam going out or full on hibernation mode in cosy clothes at home. Depends what mood I am in! So I have put together an edit with Mytheresa covering both because I am sure many of you feel the same.

A few things worth noting. Mytheresa have a STUNNING exclusive capsule collection with Tom Ford. Some of the pieces such as the sequins shirt or the faux fur jacket are such showstoppers.

Some other glam pieces I love are: the Norma Kamali fishtail lace gown (no one quite does sexy like her!) the Paco Rabanne star skirt (I love anything Paco), the Galvan silky halter dress, the Saint Laurent crystal clip on earrings and the Vetements blazer because it just goes with everything.

And as for the cosy pieces, you know how much I ADORE Maxmara accessories – this headband is so snuggly. I also am a huge fan of Moon Boots, this printed Acne scarf and I adore this Joseph heart sweater.

Full edit below – I hope you enjoy xx



And because they deserve their own section, the AMAZING Paris Texas boots now available in lots of colours:


*This is a sponsored post with Mytheresa but as always all words, images and opinions are my own.

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