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Chic Wish top | Zara trousers | Christian Louboutin shoes | Chanel bag | Illesteva Sunglasses

 Its truly amazing what a difference it can make when you force yourself to put on a nice outfit. Despite my experience of labour being a positive one, I felt absolutely broken in every possible way for a few days after. One look at your baby makes it totally worth it and now its already all forgotten, but what you go through both physically and mentally is very extreme and on the first day walking 3 metres to the bathroom in the hospital felt like a challenge. But the body recovers quickly and you realise that as a woman you really are made to do this. I swear I am already broody for number 2 but I want to enjoy every second with Mila and be the best mother to her so its good to wait a bit!

People always told me that breastfeeding is the best way to loose your baby weight but I was really sceptical about it. Not that losing weight is high up on my list of priorities right now, but I am genuinely shocked at how quickly my body has returned to normal just 13 days after birth. I feed Mila every 3 hours which for me has worked really well and although in the beginning I found breastfeeding quite tough, now I am really enjoying it. Of course my stomach is still very squidgy and for the first week I was wearing my maternity denim shorts, loose dresses and leggings but by day 10 I could fit into some boyfriend jeans. I definitely haven’t fully recovered yet but I do get really excited in the morning when I think about what I should wear and I love making an effort! I’m really bad at just sitting still and resting so I like to get out the house at least for a little bit each day and although I obviously can’t do anything strenuous for a while I swear that just pushing the pram does wonders.

In the weeks leading up to my labour I ordered a bunch of clothes that I could wear post-partum; things I had missed wearing throughout my pregnancy. This top is such a good find from an online store called Chic Wish which I stumbled across recently and at $45 its an absolute steal. It still feels weird to shoot without my baby bump but I love the sudden freedom of being able to wear almost anything! Wishing you all a lovely rest of the week xx

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