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Hiii all! Hope you have all had a great week. I’ve had quite a few DM’s recently regarding dresses – some looking for baby shower dresses, some looking for wedding guest dresses, some looking for dresses for birthday parties. From some of you who are pregnant and some of you who are not. If there is one item of clothing I absolutely couldn’t live without its a stunning dress. I am always always on the lookout for pretty dresses in both the summer and winter – it actually makes getting dressed so easy as you only have to think about the one item. Take for example the cashmere roll neck dress I wore the other day – I just threw it on and added some statement accesories. And if you are looking for a dress for a special event and you find the right one, it can give you so much confidence and make that event even more amazing!

Before I go on to share my edit with you I wanted to touch upon a topic that seems to be coming up a lot in conversations at the moment. What are the future of blogs? It seems that more and more people have only insta blogs these days because many readers want instant results – they want to see photos and shop looks straight away instead of spending time reading an actual blog. I totally get it but I still LOVE having a blog and I don’t think I will giving that up any time in the near future. Maybe its an age thing. But I would be interested to know how others feel – do you only read blogs once in a while and you prefer to look on Instagram for daily inspo? For me the blog is something almost therapeutic – I open up much more on the blog about personal subjects whereas my Instagram focuses more on just the outfits. Its just what feels natural to me. For example I wouldn’t necessarily write a birth story on Instagram! Its an interesting topic and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyways, back to fashion which I obviously LOVE!!! I get so excited when I get asked questions by some of you looking for help finding a dress or another item of clothing – for me thats what its all about! The interaction with all of you. I am always so surprised when someone thanks me for getting back to them – I can’t imagine not replying. So hopefully lots of you will find this useful – below are some of my favourite dresses out there at the moment. And PS I haven’t done a seperate “pregnancy” dress section but if you are pregnant when it comes to dresses all you need to worry about is if the fabric is stretchy enough and where does the dress sit – drop waist dresses are difficult afterall you want to find the most flattering shape for your bump so I always say stick with body con or empire (and if its super floaty then add a belt under the bump!) Enjoy xx

Party Season Dresses

WOW Dresses

Baby Shower Dresses

Everyday Dresses

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