Heist Studios: Shapewear Heroes

Happy Friday! Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. I don’t often review products but when Heist Studios contacted me and asked me to review their shapewear I thought this is for once something that I really do want to do given I had my third baby six months ago. I get asked a lot about my diet and fitness regime but I am always reluctant to answer because a) diets are so individual what works for one person may not work for another and b) because I am useless at diets I just try to eat most things in moderation and eat balanced meals. I also haven’t regularly exercised in 3 years. I am the first to admit that I don’t feel like my body has gone fully back to how it was pre-babies. I have zero insecurities about it (we all have insecurities but my tummy isn’t one of mine as I birthed 3 beautiful babies and I am so very proud of that) but I of course like to look and feel my best. I know what clothes work for my figure but I have always been a huge fan of shapewear as it really does make a difference. If I am wearing a dress I always wear shapewear underneath because it just smoothes everything out so its really a no brainer.

I had quite  a few messages from some of you after I initially posted about Heist Studios on my stories saying how the ones who have tried Heist Studios have totally converted to only using this brand. Heist Studios has had a lot of hype recently so I was excited when they sent me a few pieces to try.  They sent me the TIGHTS, the OUTER BODY and the HIGH WAISTED PANTS. As soon as I opened the packages what I instantly loved was the feel of the fabric – it feels very soft and compared to some other shapewear brands it doesn’t feel too thick. The high waisted pant is of course my obvious choice because as mentioned I always focus on my tummy but I also love the OUTER BODY which is another way of achieving the same result plus the OUTER BODY has an internal bust support so you don’t necessarily have to wear a bra (although I am still breastfeeding so I do need to wear pads!) And the other bonus with the outer body is that it can be worn as outerwear – in my photos I have worn it with a pair of jeans and I would wear this as is during the summer months or with a cardi or leather jacket thrown over the top in the colder months. They are seamless so leave no VPL’s which is such a must for me! And they even have cycling shorts which are a huge trend right now – love these worn with a blazer and heels.

Day to day I want an easy solution when it comes to lingerie – wearing something that is comfortable but also makes me feel my best and Heist has definitely not disappointed. Have linked up the pieces below all of which come black, beige and brown and some of the pieces come in a few more colours (the colourful tights look super fab!)

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