Polka Dots

If I was asked what three things do I love right now when it comes to fashion, it is definitely leopard print, sequins and polka dots. When i think about my personal style I don’t think I follow any particular rules at all. I literally wear what makes me happy. But what I do often love wearing is a statement piece that elevates the outfit a little. Whether that is a pom-pom jumper like yesterday, a great pair of earrings or a wow pair of shoes, I like to always add a little bit of something to a look. Take my Ganni polka dot top for example that I wore again this weekend for our date night- worn with a pair of plain jeans it is still totally wearable on a day to day basis but is just that little bit more fun than a plain jeans and a tee.

So I have put together an edit for you – with bits for all different budgets. My favourite pieces are probably this Topshop mini dress (shop here), the Balenciaga mules I have (shop here), this Mango £29.99 blouse (shop here), the AWAKE blouse I am wearing today (shop here), this Jacquemus blouse which is on sale (shop here) and this Racil dress for a special occasion (shop it here.) I have included all my favourite pieces below in various categories to make it easy for you. xx


Shoes & accessories:

Trousers and skirts:

Tops & knits:

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