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Mademoiselle Privé| 13.10-01.11

Last night I had  the pleasure of attending a private viewing of Mademoiselle Privé, the new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery which invites us to go on enchanted journey through the origins of Chanel’s creations.  The event was hosted by Harper’s Bazaar and included an fantastic talk by Justine Picardie, the author of “Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life”, which for me provided perhaps more insight into the life of Gabrielle Chanel than the exhibition itself. The journey begins outside the Saatchi Gallery where you walk through a lavish garden and continues into the gallery over three floors. Visitors are encouraged to download the complimentary app which gives you more visual delights as well as quotes and information. As with most exhibitions they are best seen first hand, and I will not say more in case any of you are planning to go. But I will leave you with a few photos and what I will say is that it is a feast for the eyes. Have a lovely weekend xx

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