Menswear Christmas Gift Guide With MyTheresa

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. One thing I get asked all the time is if I can suggest a gift or do a gift guide for husbands and partners so I’ve teamed up with MyTheresa to create a gift guide for our other halves. As you know by now Mytheresa is one of my favourite retailers and I always love when shopping is made easy – the fact that they have Womenswear, Childrenswear and Menswear all on the site and I know they carry brands I love (such as Golden Goose for the whole family!) makes it such a wonderful shopping experience. I actually think its quite hard buying a gift for a man – my husband always tells me he doesn’t want or need anything but as someone who loves the act of giving that’s not an answer I am willing to accept. After 11 years together having bought him everything I can think of, what I have learned is that the best gifts are those which are practical and timeless. The ones which he uses over and over again. My husband, unlike me haha, does not love to shop. He will go a few times a year and do a really big shop and buy multiples of the same pieces he loves just so he doesn’t have to do it again soon. So I like to make life easier for him and get him things that I know he will find useful such as a wallet, socks, coats, travel accessories – the list goes on. I also LOVE buying him knitwear; I feel like there are so many gorgeous knits out there for men and he wears them a lot so its easy.

I have put together a guide below with some of my favourites – the knitwear for men on MyTheresa  is just amazing (that Brunello Cucinelli!!) but I also love their buy of coats and accessories. Hope you enjoy xxxx

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