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Happy Monday!

Usually I have quite a structured topic for all my posts but as I haven’t posted for a while I thought I would talk about what comes to my mind today! I hope some of you managed to get your hands on this dress? I knew it would do well which is why I mentioned it on my blog before the holiday – and when I posted it on my story I was flooded with DM’s about where its from. Unfortunately all I got was this badly lit picture but I know I will wear it lots during the summer so I can post a proper snap later on. This brand Rococo Sand is amazing and perfect for the summer!! Here are some of my favourite pieces from them:

Lots of you asked me to do a post about all of my favourite spots in Ibiza but I thought it would be more useful for you if I emailed each of you directly so I have done that. However if anyone still wants me to do a travel diary I can absolutely do that so just let me know.

So next weekend I am taking my husband away for 1 night just the two of us for his birthday. I cant reveal where it is (my husband reads my blog!) but I will do some insta stories from our trip. However I think we are BOTH absolutely petrified about leaving Mila alone for the first time. Have any of you done it? I am sure it gets easier over time. But the longest I have ever been away from her is for a few hours and of course its tough to trust someone else to be with your baby for a longer period of time especially during the night. Mila always wants me to be the one to put her to bed. But I think it is so important for couples to spend some quality time with each other so I thought this is a good opportunity and I need to just bite the bullet and do it. Its just one night. My parents are in Finland that weekend so I decided it would be most comfortable for Mila to stay in London at home and have her nanny look after her. My mother-in-law will come and see her too and spend some time with her so I am sure she will be fine. I really need to try to actually enjoy the time away otherwise it makes it completely pointless.

Tomorrow Mila and I are trying a new class. Thanks all so much for your suggestions. We are going to try a term of heartbeeps. There are so many classes out there that I guess its a sort of trial and error thing – seeing what your baby likes and what stimulates them. I will keep you updated.

Also, we have booked our annual trip to the US. After giving it lots of thought in the end we ARE going to do the San Francisco to LA drive instead of starting off in Utah. We want to really experience nature though so doing lots of National Parks – any tips welcome 🙂

Thats it from me for today – hope you all have a lovely week. xx

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  • Hi Laura,
    Love your style! I know you love going to Ibiza and I am headed their in about 3 weeks for a girls celebration (were flying all the way from Australia to celebrate a dear girlfriends birthday!) and would love your top 5 places to eat, beaches to visit, places to see and any activities worth doing. I am not keen to spend lots of time with all the young-set at the clubs – we love gorgeous food and because I am coming from winter just excited to get some sun!
    I trust your style and would love your insights to help us get the most out of our stay (we are there for 6 days). P.S I tried to search for a travel blog/update for Ibiza but didn’t find one.
    Hope to hear from you!
    Vina M.