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Storets Top | Zara jeans | Gianvito Rossi heels | Illesteva sunglasses

Morning! Is it just me or does anyone else seem to have no time in the lead up to Christmas? I haven’t even organised my presents yet and this weekend we are off to Coworth Park so I won’t be able to do Christmas shopping then but I aim to organise it all in the next couple of days! FYI I am off to an amazing Christmas Fair pop up today at Alex Eagle with brands such as Edit 58 and Olivier Baby & Kids so anyone living in London should check it out (I’ll upload some insta stories!)

As promised here is an outfit post. I wore this casual look on Sunday for lunch at my brothers house and although I often wear jeans and a knit I l really love it when I find pieces with interesting details to them to elevate the look from casual to something a little more. The jeans were a purchase from Zara this summer and sadly aren’t available anymore but I have recently stumbled across so many similar pairs most of them at reasonable prices (the Topshop pair are fab and I saw them just yesterday in store!) Here are my favourites:

The knit is from Storets and I love love love the exaggerated bell sleeves! Having that extra something on a knit adds so much to an outfit and the good news is that most of my favourite brands have their take on the bell sleeve. Here are some amazing ones:

Speaking of having no time, I thought I would talk briefly about my routine which has obviously changed a lot since becoming a mother. In general my day is split up into 2 parts – the morning which is when I try to get everything work related and “me” related done – i.e go to the gym, work on blog posts, go through emails, shoot my outfit etc. And the afternoons I spend with Mila and I try to put my phone away for the most part so I can completely focus on her. We go for walks, I take her to classes, we meet up with friends or relatives, have playdates or we just chill at home and play. I love having some sort of structure in my life and the fact that Mila has a routine means that I can work around it. Of course one day is never the same and if there is anything important that I need to do with Mila then I ignore my morning plans, but on a normal day this is what I do:

7am wake up feed and change Mila

7:30/8am we usually go together to get a coffee! I know its silly but I love this little ritual we have as I take her in the baby bjorn and as she now faces outwards she can observe the world whilst still being copied up to me. I think she loves this part of the day as much as I do.

9am I head to the gym and usually do a class or else I workout by myself. I often shower, change and have a bite to eat at the gym and sometimes I will stay a bit longer to do some work as I find that I can focus much better whist I am out the house. Actually I really cant focus when I am at home as I constantly want to be around Mila! I shoot my outfit usually as soon as I have come from the gym.

12 noon I take care of any errands or I organise meetings, phone calls and I like to walk back often popping past a store or two on the way scouting for styles I (and you) might like! If I am home earlier I put Mila down for her nap -she usually has a 2 hour nap between 11-1 or 11:30-1:30pm.

1pm I have a bite to eat at home or else if I have plans I leave the house with Mila often walking to wherever we are going as Mila LOVES the cold fresh air. She is half Finnish and she runs very hot as a baby so as soon as she is outside in the cold she is literally the happiest girl alive! We are going skiing over New Years and I think she will love being in the mountains.

4pm by this time I usually like to come back home and wind down a bit with Mila. We play, I read her stories (both in Finnish and English although unless there are other people around I actually only speak Finnish to her), she (and sometimes me too!) nap for 30 mins and then we play some more.

6:15 she has her bath. I am very strict about a) the timing of the bath and b) that either myself or my husband always do this and never anyone else even if we go out for dinner. She loves bath time as I think most babies do and although Mila is a very lively girl who is always full of energy, she actually seems to like having bath time alone. Of course I am right next to her but she is always very calm and seems to be deep in thought! I have no idea what she thinks about but its funny to see the difference from the rest of the day when she is super sociable and active! I feed her and then she goes to sleep. Since she was around 2 months old she has always been very easy at bedtime and once she is asleep she stays asleep. I then either have an evening at home with my husband, do more work or we go out for a date night. I try to be in bed by midnight but to be honest I am my most productive at night (always have been) so I like to spend a few hours working and usually only drift off at around 1am.

I definitely have days when I am more tired and find getting up in the morning a bit of a struggle, but to be honest I am amazed at how little sleep we actually need and after my morning coffee I always feel completely normal again and ready for the day. I often think about the fact that I had a maternity nurse and yes it was great to have some extra sleep but quite honestly I am not sure I would get one again for the next baby. I think its quite possible to cram a lot into a day even with a child but you have to be organised (as even a simple task like getting out the house can take soo much longer with a baby!) xx

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