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Storets top | Zara boyfriend jeans | Hermes sandals | Rae Feather bag | Illesteva sunglasses

I am a first time mother which means that I am still finding my feet and learning (a lot!) as I go along. This applies to both Mila and my own body. I thought about not sharing the story I am about to share as perhaps its a bit TMI, but then I thought that is what my blog for – sharing snippets of my life with all of you.

I am breastfeeding Mila and have her on a routine which means I feed her every 3 hours during the daytime. At first I hated breastfeeding – although its one of the most natural things in the world, it felt unnatural to me. She didn’t latch properly, it was painful and I wasn’t producing milk. But by day 3 my milk came in and I was totally on board with the whole thing. Now I love it and I especially love the bond it creates between Mila and I. I wasn’t quite prepared for how it would affect my body though – not that I am complaining about my new curves. But I am used to not having to wear a bra and even though a lot of the time I do and I have bought breastpads to wear with my bras, last week I put on my new Storets top and I didn’t even think to wear a strapless bra with it. I left my apartment and got into my elevator with my photographer to shoot my outfit of the day. All of a sudden I felt something wet running down my stomach. I ran my hand along my stomach and could feel it was soaking wet so I lifted my top up to see what was going on – and I kid you not it was as if waterfalls had taken over my body. I have a very open relationship with my (female!) photographer and both of us were utterly shocked/hysterically laughing/trying to frantically push the lift button to take me back to my apartment. There was milk literally everywhere. It couldn’t have been a more unglamorous moment if I tried! The only reason my top escaped unscathed was because I held it away from my body, bent over and allowed the milk to fall down to the ground while my photographer searched for my keys, opened the door and rushed in to get me some tissues! You really couldn’t make this up.

So even though my photos might make it seem as though I have everything under control, I definitely still have a lot to learn and have had some serious comedy moments! But I think all you can do is laugh and learn. And wear a bra… xx

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