Nursery Number Two

Happy Monday! Thanks again to all of you who sent me suggestions for blog posts you would be interested in – its so great to have feedback and I will aim in the next few months to get round to all of these! And the video – I have already started filming the first one but having not done videos before it takes a little while especially as I actually want to film parts with styling tips on it so bear with me 🙂

In the meantime I wanted to do a little nursery update! As you might have seen on Instagram I am just starting to do up the second nursery. Its lovely as the girls will have rooms right next to one another and they are both quite big rooms with lots of light. However we might move again next year so not sure how long this will be the case for! But I love designing the nursery so I want to make it really special even if we end up moving. Mila’s nursery is now finally pretty much finished although I might still put in wallpaper. The whole thing took me a while  (over a year and a half lol!) as I didn’t really know until recently exactly what I wanted but now its one of my favourite rooms in our home. This time around I have more of a clear idea of a) what I want and b) what the essentials are. Plus I am having a little helping hand from Decorum Interior Design (Instagram @decoruminteriordesign) – you can find the details here if you want to get in touch with them. I know instantly what I love when it comes to interiors but I am not always great at sourcing things so it really helps to have someone help with this (especially when I am short on time!)

Everything is still a bit in the works at the moment and we are deciding on lots of things so today’s post I guess is a little bit like a moodboard rather than anything final but I just wanted to keep you all updated on the sort of direction I am taking and what places I love for interiors. I want Mila and her sisters nurseries to be different as I am sure they will have very different personalities but I love how Mila’s is such a calming space and I want this to be the case for the second too. But my biggest change is that I am adding a teeny tiny bit of colour (shocker!) I am not big on colour when it comes to my home – I think you can play with textures and patterns but can still keep everything else quite neutral. However seeing as I am having another girl I thought why not introduce a little bit of pink (going for a very pale blush!) The rest of the colour scheme will again be filled with greys and neutrals.

I think these days you can find lots of amazing furniture for more affordable prices and then add bespoke touches (choose fabrics for your own cushions etc) to make the room really special. Some of my favourite stores include Lux Deco (Mila’s rug that I get questions about ALL the time is from there!), Amara Living, Brissi, Oka, Swoon Editions, Cox & Cox, Berry’s & Grey to name a few and someone recently introduced me to Sweet Pea & Willow – they have some fabulous things. There are certain places I go to if I want something really special for our home but as a whole those are some of my favourites. Also I think its worth mentioning that even Etsy have some amazing pieces you would never know are from there (for example cot mobiles) – you just have to know what to look for! But now to break it down to individual categories.

Wallpaper: Ok so first of all the wallpaper I put on insta stories that so many of you sent me a direct message about it from this company called Tempaper – find them here. I can’t link it up below unfortunately but they were recently featured in Vogue (see here) and whats amazing about them is that they are very well priced and require no adhesive. I think once we actually settle properly in a home I will FOR sure have De Gournay wallpaper put in but for now this is a pretty amazing alternative for a fraction of the price. I love some Andrew Martin wallpapers but feel like they are a bit overdone but another brand I love is Cole&Son who do some lovely animal themed ones. See below for some favourites:

Toys & Deco: Absolutely love filling a nursery with soft toys – I mean what child doesn’t love them? Mila has a giant bear and a giant giraffe and she constantly sits down on the bear and loves looking at the giraffe. So I am sure I will do the same for number two. Prints always add something to a room and I think some sort of rocking toy is a must its just such a nursery classic. My husband and I also love buying Mila wooden educational toys and fav sites include Oskoe Living and Conscious Craft.

Furniture: Mila’s chest of drawers is from Swoon Editions and I love this site. Definitely worth having a look at. I am going to have a sofabed in the new nursery so that I can spend some nights in there as well as an armchair, chest of drawers and of course cot (Piccoli and co do such stunning ones that are quite similar to the US based store Restoration Hardware.)  I have really only started at this all looking but below are some pieces I love (always loved all the Shagreen bits from Oka such as the tissue box and stool.) I use wicker baskets for everything – they look chic and are so useful for throwing toys in. There is a great company called The Basket Company I have ordered a bunch from and John Lewis have some amazing ones too – you really don’t have to go all out for these. I love Andrew Martin cushions but also get lots for our home from Lux Deco.

Lamps: Light adds so much to a room and a cute lamp or two is a must. My favourite lamp is the Jonathan Adler Giraffe lamp but I love some more modern ones too. See a selection below.

So that’s it really for now. But it will be progressing very quickly as I would love to get everything done by the time my baby arrives this time so will keep you all updated as I go along 🙂 xx

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