Perfectly Imperfect…

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The Fashion Bug’s Outfit: James Perse t-shirt, J.Crew cashmere jumper, Zara shoes, Zara jeans and Salvatore Ferragamo bag.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with ripped jeans. I have so many pairs yet I am forever searching for the one pair that has been “perfectly” destroyed. This latest pair is probably the most torn up pair I have ever owned…they are not to everyone’s taste but I love them. There is just something about them! I don’t think I could look grungy however hard I try, but for me wearing a pair of seriously distressed jeans adds an edge to my outfit.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: Simplicity is key here. Let the jeans be the statement piece – wear with plain oversized t-shirts and jumpers. Check out Tash Sefton of for some outfit inspiration – she does the distressed denim look to a T.

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