Showering My Baby…






I’m wearing a See by Chloe dress

Last Sunday some friends of mine came together to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of my baby girl and I wanted to share a few photos of the day (mostly of the food!) My mother asked me months ago if she could organise it and I was happy to hand over the full responsibility to her as I knew it would make her happy and she would do an amazing job. I am the first one out of my close circle of friends to get pregnant and I haven’t actually been to many baby showers before (apart from that of my sister-in-law a few years ago) so I wasn’t really sure what happens at a baby shower. The answer is not a lot! We just spent the perfect day together eating delicious food and cakes that my mother had prepared/ordered (including edible Chanel handbags (obvs!!) courtesy of Pop Bakery), gossiping and opening the crazy amount of gifts my sweet friends had bought me. I don’t wear a lot of pink and felt I didn’t need to dress to match the gender of our baby so I wore a blue and white dress from See By Chloe that I found on Net-a-Porter a few months ago (it was one of the ones included in my suggestions of what to wear to a baby shower in my “dress of dreams” post.) In any case most of the food and decoration my mother had organised was pink so that more than made up for it! Initially I suggested it might be easier to throw the baby shower in London at a venue as most of my friends either live in London or were coming from abroad, but my mother really wanted to do it at her house and it was actually so lovely to do it at the home where I grew up and have so many happy childhood memories from! It was the perfect day spent with the people I love! (well most of the people I love – sadly a few of my really close friends couldn’t make it.)

I can’t believe its just 2 weeks now until my due date and until the day we get to finally meet our baby girl! I actually thought I was going into labour last Sunday evening on my way back to London after the baby shower but it was just a false alarm. It’s the strangest feeling not knowing when exactly it will happen. Wishing you all an amazing weekend xx

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