The Big Freeze









Good morning! Is it just me or did it suddenly drop around 10 degrees in London? Even me, with my new found post-pregnancy body heat (I am not kidding I am hot ALL the time isn’t it crazy how the body changes?!) have felt a little on the chilly side (although I did still manage to spend the day yesterday in my Gucci slippers. Without socks.)

I found this coat a couple of weeks ago…and its from TOPSHOP. Honestly it is just the dream coat. As soon as I saw it I knew that (even though I really don’t need another coat) this was one I couldn’t let slide. Admittedly I feel a bit like a giant polar bear wearing it but it feels so luxurious and warm I cannot believe I got it from the High Street. Its perfect for these colder days and nights and I can take it to the mountains with me when we go skiing to wear on evenings out.

Speaking of skiing we are off to St Moritz for a week over New Years Eve. I am so excited because I love skiing but didn’t get to ski at all last year due to my pregnancy so its been a while. Its such a beautiful picturesque town and I can’t wait for Mila to see it and see what her reaction to snow is (not that she will remember any of it sadly!)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am off on my weekly date night with my husband tonight and then cant wait to spend uninterrupted time the three of us over the weekend. I will also be updating my shop section – lots of you ask me about Mila’s nursery furniture and toys etc so I will be adding these to her boutique! xx

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