The Holiday Season With NET-A-PORTER

Happy Monday everyone!

Its getting so close to Christmas now and I think its so important to remember amidst all the things we have going on to take care of yourself. The parties, the shopping, the children’s events, the endless list of things to do can sometimes take it out of you. I myself have felt so run down the past week (thankfully not covid!) and I really am looking forward to winding down for the end of the year. To have proper quality family time.

We have decided for once to not go away anywhere for the holidays. I feel like there is so much uncertainty around travel at the moment and we just thought you know what, we are going to the Maldives in February lets just wait. We will have a cosy Christmas in London with no need to think about packing and I feel like it might end up being the most relaxing holiday we have had in a long time.

With that in mind I am planning some fun dinners in London over the next weeks and but also lots of time at home baking, watching movies and just having lots of downtime with the children. So I have put together an edit with NET-A-PORTER of both cosy pieces and some sparkly bits too.

I wanted to highlight a few brands first of all that I discovered on NET-A-PORTER and can’t get enough of! First of all Lisa Yang was a recent discovery and I am obsessed! It has a bit of a Khaite vibe but for much more affordable prices – I love the striped cardigan in the two different colourways.

Also a huge fan of LVIR. I have the brown ribbed dress that I got so many questions about when I wore it a few weeks ago (it’s actually two separates so you could wear it as a strappy dress! too) and this cream oversized dress with matching scarf is just dreamy.

Below are some other cosy pieces I love from the site – I still cant get enough of shearling and Halfboy pieces are amazing. I have included some hats too.

But if you are in the mood for going out or you are looking for a perfect New Years Eve dress, sequins below 🙂 This Solace London red sequin gown is incredible and it comes in a short black version too if you want something a little more subtle.

I have also done an edit of my favourite party shoes from the site. I am a serious shoe lover and many of these are ones I have in my collection – the Aquazzura platforms are incredible.

And last but not least I have included a mini edit below of some of my top gifts if you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping. I have included slippers, pyjamas and jewellery – basically my favourite things! Hope you enjoy xx

Slippers: One of my favourite gifts – the sleeper teddy ones are my favs.

Pyjamas: Cannot get enough of Sleeper pyjamas.

Jewellery: Letter necklaces and script jewellery make for such nice gifts.

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