The Unexpected Expectant Style…

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See By Chloe Dress | J.Crew Denim Jacket | J.Crew Jewelled Shirt |DVF Boots | Chanel Bag | Illesteva Sunglasses

I have touched upon it before, but my AIM is to not wear any maternity wear during my entire pregnancy (aside from jeans!) Of course I am still very small at this point and I cannot guarantee how I will feel in 4.5 months time when I am about to pop, but I see no reason why I (or anyone) should have to compromise my fashion choices just because I am pregnant. I tend to always reach for oversized pieces anyway so dressing for a pregnant bump doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch in terms of my personal style. I don’t have anything against maternity wear as such, I just haven’t found any brands that I love so I would rather not spend 9 months of my life in clothes I just don’t feel happy in.

I think the key is in finding slightly oversized dresses that still show off your best features (for me its my skinny little legs), or opt for a pair of maternity jeans with an oversized t-shirt or shirt. I instantly fell in love with this dress from See By Chloe because it is so simple, comfortable and easy to style with a bump, but still has just the right amount of detail to avoid crossing the line into the “boring black dress” category. I wore it with my favourite pair of military black boots, a white shirt and a classic denim jacket but you can just as easily style it with heels for an evening out.

I hope that my 9 month journey will give some of you pregnant women out there some inspiration and because I am not wearing maternity clothes, all the non-pregnant women can also continue to find inspiration in my daily outfits. At the end of my journey I will put together a carefully curated list of key go-to pieces! Enjoy your weekend xx

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