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Maxmara Coats: Camelhair Coat and Fur Trim Cashmere Coat

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that yesterday I was choosing a coat from one of my favourite outerwear designers and now I can reveal that the designer is Maxmara. Buying a new coat each winter is a must for me and something I take a great amount of pleasure in. I take good care of all my coats, making sure to keep them all in clothes covers and getting them cleaned at least once a season. My golden rule? Buy a classic style that you can wear over and over again each year. Growing up my mother always had Maxmara coats and last year I decided that instead of always borrowing hers, it was time for me to buy my own. Unfortunately I only decided this in November, and by that time all of the best styles were already sold out in my size. So I made a mental note to myself then and there that this year I would go in the first week of September in order to not miss out a second time around.

And that is exactly what I did this week. I spent a lovely afternoon at the Bond Street store and was  assisted by a very sweet woman called Elina (who took the meaning of customer service to the next level by doing a photo shoot with me in store.) There are so many coats to choose from that when I first walked in the store I didn’t even know where to start. However I knew I wanted a beige coat and managed to finally narrow it down to two styles: the classic camelhair coat (which i also tried on in a stunning lighter colour which is a special for this season) and a cashmere coat with a fur hood. As with all important decisions, I decided to sleep on it as usually in the morning the right choice will come to me. So which one did I go for? The fur hooded coat was just a bit more special and I preferred the longer length. Now we just need some cold weather so I can start wearing it!

Shop Maxmara coats online here or go to the Bond Street store for the best selection.

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