Cyber Weekend Shopping








Good afternoon to all of you! First off I just wanted to say that I was genuinely humbled by the amazing comments and messages I got from so many of you the other evening after sharing that I had got my first (and hopefully last) Instagram troll! Part of what I love about having my blog and Instagram is the human interaction: getting to know some of you! I have received such amazing emails and messages in the past few months and it really puts a smile on my face. I am always intrigued to know who my followers are and I love finding out about some of the people that are behind the likes. It is so lovely, even more so now that I am a mother, to have this like-minded community of positive women in my life.


Now moving on to some exciting stuff: Cyber Week has become a thing and I have put together some of my favourite items below which are discounted for the next few days! As many of you know there is nothing I am more obsessed with than shoes (aside from Mila of course!) and Luisa Via Roma (which is an amazing online store – if you haven’t heard of it check it out) is offering 30% off many luxury items! So what better time to invest in some designer shoes?! You can look through my picks and if you want to buy it just click on the link and use the discount code BFRW30 for your amazing discount! These are all designer pieces (I will be doing another post with high street picks) but with a 30% discount there are some amazing bargains to be found!

Also a retailer I absolutely love (that I basically got my entire Mauritius holiday wardrobe from) Beach Cafe is offering 20% off most styles with the code BLACK20 so if any of you are going on holiday in the coming months you can sort your holiday wardrobes out now 🙂 They also do active wear and I am obsessed with the Pily Q pineapple leggings!

And finally just to let you know I have added an “interiors boutique” section to my blog. Many of you ask me about items in my nursery and I myself am constantly updating my home and like to get inspired so I will constantly be adding to this. My favourite recent purchase is the GIANT teddy for Mila’s room – her nursery is by far my favourite space in our home xx