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So the other day I was getting a coffee and a lady asked me “how old is he?” whilst looking at Mila. This is definitely not the first time it has happened – in fact it has happened so often that I started putting bows in Mila’s hair just because I didn’t want to have to keep having the same conversation over and over again explaining to a random stranger that my 6 month old is in fact a girl. Neither is this something that offends me – babies all pretty much look the same when they are born and I guess that is why mothers choose to dress their babies in pink and blue.

I myself wear a lot of black, grey, white and taupe and have never been into really girly colours. Yes I do like gorgeous feminine dresses with colour and prints but its not like I walk around on a daily basis wearing pink. Its not that I am deliberately trying to NOT dress Mila in pink but a) most of my favourite childrens brands such as Tartine et Chocolat, Bonpoint and Marie Chantal stick to more neutral colour palettes such as beige, taupe, grey and white and b) Mila has my husbands very light complexion and she just doesn’t suit pink (or bright colours for that matter) as they wash her out. She actually looks the best in black, deep browns, dark greys and plum.

So on this particular occasion, Mila had a massive bow in her hair. Correct me if I am wrong but what mothers put bows in their sons hair?! I have yet to come across one. Perhaps the lady really didn’t see the bow (that was about the same size as Mila’s face!) But I was utterly perplexed as to how she could think that on this occasion Mila was a boy! Has anyone else had this happen to them?

When Mila starts choosing her own clothes I am more than happy for her wear pink to her hearts content! But until then I will keep her in mostly neutral tones and I guess have to deal with the consequences 😉 xx

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  • Hi,
    This is what is very normal I think. Women who had children are definitely more observant and will look out for the girly detail in outfits.
    I had few of this type question when my daughter was little and would actually wear pink hat and had a pink blanket when older lady ask me is that boy or girl?? I am not sure if is question of age or just a women which never had child! It was bit strange and I was little upset.
    My husband get it often wrong 🙂 I usually give him little notch into his ribs with look who say it all.” How can you ask is it girl or boy when the baby is wearing pink shoes ??
    I must say he had learn from my ugly looks and is looking for the sings before he start talking to a mum or the baby and he has been getting it right lately 🙂
    I wouldn’t worry about it. Do what you think is right for your baby and maybe make little fun comment about it since you never going to see strange woman ever again and tell her ” yes he is a boy and he like wearing bow in his hair ” :)))
    Just a little short story.
    My husband is 23 years older than me which make him 60. 🙂 He is the most funniest person and never take him self seriously. He is perfect example that age is just a number . Our younger daughter is 10. When she was about 4 he took her for cake into a local coffee shop and like in your case random old lady approach him and ask him. ” Is that your granddaughter “??? He lean towards her and told her ” no it is actually my great granddaughter!”:))) Old lady nearly stop breathing and told him. You look fantastic- you are very lucky !! He was and always is very quick to answer in a way people don’t expect it and refused to take the comment personally 🙂
    Maybe try to do a little joke to your advantage next time and you are not going to feel upset or question if is right the way you dress you baby :))