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IMG_7717 IMG_7735 IMG_7780 IMG_7790 IMG_7795 IMG_7797 IMG_7799 IMG_7805 IMG_7813 IMG_7832 IMG_7841 IMG_7921 IMG_7922 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7961The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: J.Crew trousers, Chanel shoes, Pure Cashmere sweater.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: Ibiza is a place of incredible beauty. People who have never been there just don’t know it. And perhaps I shouldn’t write about it because quite frankly the more people who associate Ibiza with abysmal programs such as “Ibiza Uncovered” and stay off the island, the better. It gets crowded enough in the summer months as it is. However one person who I was determined to convert from a “are you sure you want to get married there??” to an Ibiza lover was my mother and I think I can safely say after this weekend that my mission has been successfully accomplished. She is now totally in love with the island…and from these photos it should become apparent why this undertaking was not particularly difficult. The photographs were taken on Saturday – after having my bridal makeup and hair trial in the day (and no these photos aren’t giving anything away!) we decided to venture into town. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset walk through the Old Town (and did a bit of shopping of course…I discovered that one of my favourite brands Antik Batik have a shop there) after which we had a lovely meal at La Brasa restaurant. We sat outside in their beautiful courtyard and ate a delicious paella.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: You can go to Ibiza and have two entirely different holidays. You can go out to all the clubs Ibiza is known for, and don’t get me wrong that is super fun too, but you can also do yoga, go for long scenic drives and eat yummy food…which is exactly what we did this time around. We hired a yoga teacher named Opale twice and I think she may have been the best teacher I have ever had! She also does yoga retreats on the island so if you are into yoga be sure to check them out.

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