The Art Of Layering…

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Line polo neck |Zara vest | Zara skirt | Laurence Dacade boots | Chanel bag

 One of the things I’ve always enjoyed most about autumn/winter is being able to get creative with layers.  I never tire of buying “basic” wardrobe staples because to be honest for me they are not so basic at all. Chunky knits, little black skirts, a great pair of jeans, a white shirt – these are the items most of us end up wearing over and over again. The trick is to invest in a small selection of pieces you absolutely love and then mix,match and layer them on top of each other to create entirely new looks. A little bit of layering can go a long way.

Avoiding tights is currently a priority on my list of things to do. So I am living in over the knee boots which I love pairing with micro mini skirts. But sometimes every outfit needs a bit of a boost and so I dug up my Zara wool vest and added it to the mix. If you are anything like me and spend the majority of the winter months avoiding colour altogether, then layering is a piece of cake.

Photos by Victoria Metaxas

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