The Midi Knit Styled Three Ways

Allude cashmere dress | Mango kitten heels | Gucci bag | Mumshandmade cardigan | Oscar De La Renta earrings

Hiii and happy Wednesday! Love being back on my blog again. Had such a lovely relaxing time away – exactly what we needed. Have my 32 week scan next week (the final one!!) and I think it only properly dawned on me the other day that I have just over 8 weeks to go until my due date and then I will be a mother of two! This pregnancy has just flown by but all is going well and according to my local Starbucks barista I look like I am ready to pop. Isn’t it a funny thing how everyone has an opinion? Everyone has good intentions but I could publish a book of quotes I hear from people on a daily basis. With Mila I would get random strangers telling me I am definitely having a boy (I knew she was a girl) whereas this time people have yet to predict the sex. Some gasp at how low my bump is whereas others tell me I have such a tidy little bump. Some tell me I don’t look pregnant from the front whereas others tell me that they can’t believe I have 8 weeks left! But you know what, I catch myself sometimes saying exactly those kind of comments to people I don’t know. And I love it because something I have learned through having a child is that people actually want to interact with others. They just need a reason. As soon as they see me with Mila or see that I am pregnant they open up and tell me about their families and its so lovely to be able to basically connect with anyone because of that!

I will be doing a proper post all about our time in Puglia shortly but today I wanted to focus on one of my favourite items for Autumn: the midi knit. This is such a great piece whether you are pregnant or not – you can belt it, dress it up or down, layer it with other knits, toughen it up with leather or soften it with a fabulous faux fur. I wore one the other day from Allude who do the cosiest cashmere and I paired mine with my Mumshandmade cardigan which I still love so much but I have demonstrated below some other ways to style it!

Version 1: Add a chunky cardigan

Version 2: Add some faux fur

Version 3: Add a leather jacket

My dress is cashmere and its SUPER comfy but there are some great high street alternatives and you can shop the entire look below xx

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