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Zimmermann top | Sammie Jo Coxon earrings | Gucci shoes (leather ones here) | Chanel bag | Iris & Ink leather trousers | Illesteva sunglasses

Happy Wednesday! Last month the photo of me wearing this Zimmermann top was my best performing one so I wanted to do a proper blog post about it. I bought this for our honeymoon a year and a half ago. I was pregnant at the time and knew it would be perfect for both pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I also knew it was such a pretty top that it would be timeless. And lastly I knew that it was so versatile that I could wear it on the beach over a bikini as well as in London with a pair of leather trousers like I did in these photos. It is literally the easiest thing to throw on. Personally I prefer the white over the black but I decided recently to invest in the black version too because I wear a lot of monochrome and I knew that I would end up wearing them both. Plus the black can be a bit more dressy if you want to wear it on a night out.

We are off to Ibiza on Friday morning. I am not even joking when I say it is in my 10 year plan to move there. At least partly. We got married on the island and there is something so magical about it which you cant really explain unless you go. I LOVE London but I really feel like I am meant to end up living somewhere with a beach. And sun. I envy those people who are SO brave and just uproot their lives to start somewhere new. I love the idea of LA but its so far away from our families so neither of us are so keen to live there since having a baby. But Ibiza. Thats a different story. I just have to convince my husband first. In any case we are going a few times this year and I cannot wait to be back there. I do ever so slightly prefer it off season. Its not as exciting as it is during the busy season, but there are hardly any people and you can actually just turn up to restaurants without having to book a month in advance! I promise to do lots of insta stories – I really want to explore a lot of the island this time.

Also on Tuesday I will be flying with Mila to Barcelona. SOLO. OMG. First solo flight. My husband has a meeting there in the morning and I didnt really fancy getting up at 5am so Ive booked Mila and I a later flight. You know what its only an hour and I am sure we will be absolutely fine. But the thought of it does slightly terrify me. So wish me luck! This will be my last post before Easter but I hope you all have a  wonderful bank holiday weekend and you can follow me on Instagram for daily updates whilst we are away.

Shop the top in both black and white here below xx

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