Travel Diary: Oman

Im wearing: ASOS swimsuit

Del Rio sandals | Illesteva sunglasses | Sammie Co Joxon jewellery

I’m wearing: Storets top| J.Crew shorts | Hermes sandals

Mila wears: Stella McCartney onesie

Im wearing: Spell & The Gypsy Collective dress. Mila wears Tartine et Chocolat dress

Im wearing: Hunza G swimsuit

Im wearing: Anjuna dress | Sammie Jo Coxon earrings

Mila & I are wearing: Edit 58 personalised bags | Houndsditch swimsuits

Im wearing: Pampelone dress | Edit 58 personalised bag | Illesteva sunglasses | Chanel espadrilles

Im wearing: Needle & Thread dress | Sammie Jo Coxon Earrings

I LOVED Oman. When we were booking our holiday I always thought it would be a good idea to combine Dubai with something else and Zighy Bay couldn’t have been more perfect. Its a 2.5 hour drive from Dubai but feels a world away (literally – the scenery almost makes you feel like you are on Mars) and it is the perfect place for utter relaxation. Its very much a “barefoot luxury” kind of resort. Being very honest thats not usually our kind of thing – both my husband and I prefer very modern hotels but I fell in love with Zighy and would definitely go again.

The only downsides (I just want to get these out of the way) were that as the rooms are quite basic, the lighting is so bad at night that its probably better to stick with the barefoot theme and go sans makeup. And secondly (and this is really unfortunate as I think we were just unlucky with the timing) there were flies. If you were on the beach or by the pool it was fine but as soon as you had lunch outside there would literally be a swarm of flies at your table (which I think we can all agree is just gross) so we had to eat inside every day which is a bit of a shame when you are on a beach holiday. But it wasn’t a big enough of an issue to have any kind of an impact on my holiday and apart from those two things I have no complaints. There are so many activities you can do (I tried paragliding and absolutely loooooooved it), its great with kids (I think especially when Mila is a little older she will get a lot out of it), the spa was amazing, the scenery is beyond stunning, it has a very down to earth vibe which I like, and the Spice Market restaurant served delicious food. Maybe I needed to switch off this time more than ever before but Zighy definitely did the job. Although the hotel was at full capacity I hardly ever saw other people and I love the fact that each villa has its own pool so you can chill in the privacy of your own outside space.

I met a healer whilst I was out there and that may have also played a part in why I came home feeling so relaxed. I was in the spa one day booking myself in for some treatments and this lady started speaking to me. Turns out she was from Thailand and heals through sound, cupping and hot stone massage. I was instantly drawn to her (I genuinely believe you can be drawn to someone’s energy) and she was the kind of person that made me want to open up and tell her my entire life story. My body has felt a bit out of whack since giving birth so I said to myself  why not (something which I like to do more and more of lately.) I think the older I get and especially post birth I believe in at least trying alternative therapies and so I booked myself in for a 2 hour session with her. She was amazing. Hands down best (and most painful) massage of my life. I cant explain what exactly she did because I was so out of it for most of the session but I left feeling like I had been on holiday for weeks. As she walked me out she asked if I would like to have some ginger tea in the relaxation room and I politely declined and said that I wanted to rush back to my baby. She looked at me and said “have some ginger tea.” She explained that love and attachment are two very different things and that everyone needs to take moments for themselves. Usually I react badly to someone telling me what to do but like I said I was drawn to her and so I did as I was told. It did get me thinking about “me time” though. I might look as though I am good at taking moments for myself but truth be told as soon as I leave the house I am counting the moments until I get back to Mila. But I am trying to get better at this and actually be present in the moment when I am not with her rather otherwise whats the point.

Our trip was such a fabulous one and I am definitely up for more barefoot holidays 🙂 You can shop my favourite items from the trip below including THAT ASOS swimsuit which is now back in stock xx

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