Age Is Just A Number…

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The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: Iris&Ink top, Elizabeth&James overalls, Charles Philip Shanghai shoes, vintage bag (similar here.)

The Fashion Bug’s Story: Sometimes when people ask me how old I am I really have to think about it, because honestly I don’t feel a day over the age of 22. I am definitely wiser than I was at 22. Definitely. And kinder. And maybe I look a little different. But I feel and act (to a certain extent) very much the same. And I cannot imagine that I will feel differently even when I am 40 or 60 or 90 years old. I think you are as youthful as you make yourself and I will never stop enjoying life or decide its time to “grow up” because what does that even mean?  Of course the older you get the more responsibilities you have in life (and of course you have to take good care of those responsibilities) but I think it is important not to take it all too seriously. And that applies to everything in my life, including my outfits. Which is why I often find myself on casual days wearing dungarees; an item of clothing that I could have just as easily been wearing as a child in the nineties.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips:  Don’t think dunagrees are meant to be worn solely on weekends. They can be worked from day-to-night and work-to-party. But I would opt for something a bit more structured such as the amazing Frame Denim pair if you are planning on wearing them for dinner or cocktails. FB xx

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