Back To All Black…

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C/Meo Collective Dress | Balenciaga Leather Jacket | Saint Laurent Bag | Laurence Dacade Boots | Illesteva Sunglasses | Tada & Toy Ring

Anyone who knows me well, or anyone who has seen my outfit today on Instagram, knows that my go-to outfit is all black. I guess you could call it my uniform. I absolutely love prints but time and again especially during the winter months I find myself reverting to all black. Maybe it happens more on the lazy days when I lack imagination but from running around the city to nights out, I find its always my fail safe option. I have been a fan of Australian label C/Meo Collective ever since I discovered it on Revolve last year and now its available on ASOS which makes it all the more accessible. I just about managed to squeeze myself into this dress but I think I will have to wait until after I have given birth to wear it again given how fast our baby is growing!

Over-the-knee boots are a key part of my wardrobe during the colder months. Does anyone else really hate wearing tights? I find them uncomfortable and just prefer to go without; and I can just about get away with not wearing any when I put on a pair of over-the-knee boots because they keep me warm enough providing I layer heavily up top. Usually I prefer a skinnier fit because they emphasise my legs but since I bought this 60s-esque pair of Laurence Dacade heeled boots I haven’t taken them off!

I am off to Sweden tomorrow morning to a Japenese spa – yes sounds totally random but supposed to be amazing. Can’t wait to share my photos with you when I get back.

Shop C/Meo Collective here. xx

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