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Iris & Ink Skirt | Aurora London Bag | Cos Sweater | Saint Laurent Heels | Zara Coat | Illesteva Sunglasses

Can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate just how amazing high street fashion can be? Recently I have found not one but two amazing coats – both from Zara and both under £100. One of them is pastel pink (you may have seen it on my Instagram) and this dusty blue is the second one. They remind me a lot of Maxmara coats but for a fraction of the price. In an effort to bring my looks out of hibernation mode (basically just wearing all black) and into Spring, I am little by little adding some colour back in.

A little pregnancy update for all of you who are interested: I had my 20 week scan a few weeks ago and all is good! We seem to have a very shy little girl because every time they tried to do a 3D rendering of her face, she would hide behind her hands. Now I finally feel her kicks properly and can’t believe I only have 4 months to go!!! An interesting fact I have learned during the past 5 months is that everyone seems to have an opinion about both pregnancy (examples: I shouldn’t exercise, I shouldn’t wear high heels!) and raising a child. And they are very eager to share these opinions with me. But the best piece of advice I received which I would love to pass on to anyone going through this wonderful experience is to ignore all of those opinions because you will find what works for you. Every pregnancy is different, every labour is different, and every child is different – so just find your own way!

Styling my bump has been pretty easy thus far. I have a few of these Iris & Ink pencil skirts and the great news is that the stretchy fabric fits perfectly over my bump. Paired with an oversized sweater it makes for a perfect daytime look. I always find that a high heel helps create a more flattering silhouette so if you are comfortable in heels then go for it…I plan on wearing high heels right up into the delivery room!

Shop the Zara pink coat here

Shop the Zara blue coat here


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