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MLM Label top | Zara Jeans (similar here) | Chanel bag & shoes

Good morning all! My blog posts are a little infrequent at the moment – I am still trying to adjust to my new life and get into a routine. Mila has her own routine which she sticks to like a clock (which is amazing!!) but a) everything takes much longer with a baby and b) I want to spend all my time with Mila so its difficult to sometimes stay on top of everything else. But I am hoping that after a few more weeks I will have got the hang of it all and nailed a routine that works with Mila’s.

Here is one of my favourite recent looks. (Completely unintentionally) I have been wearing less off-the-shoulder tops since giving birth – I think I was so excited to fit into clothes I couldn’t wear for many months that my obsession sort of wavered a bit. But it definitely has not gone away and I love this oversized one I found on Revolve from MLM Label – the soft lilac colour is so beautiful and perfect when paired with jeans! xx


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