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So today I am sharing my (slightly overdue) Mauritius pics – its almost been a month since our trip! I wanted to share some more photos, my outfit details and a few words about the holiday with you all.

First of all my outfits: I came across online retailer Beach Cafe shortly before I left for my trip and I absolutely love their selection of holiday brands. Melissa Odabash, Dodo Bar Or, Camilla, L*Space, Kiini – basically all the ones you want to fill your suitcase with when you go on a beach holiday. So I stocked up on some of their pieces as well as a few bits from favourites Neve & Noor, Paolita, Sassi Swim and A Piedi (the most gorgeous AND affordable sandals) shortly before I left. You can shop most of my looks above or shop the Sassi Swimsuit here and the A Piedi shoes here. The Neve & Noor dress and the Paolita swimsuit are new season and coming soon! Oh and my star necklace is from Tada & Toy – shop it here.

I also took along my second wedding “party dress” – a runway Pucci piece I absolutely fell head over heels in love with 9 months before our wedding. I always knew I wanted to wear it again and thought about it for our honeymoon but as I was 3 months pregnant at the time and my waistline was growing by the day it just wasn’t happening! This dress fills me with so much joy. It took me 3 months to get my hands on it – they didn’t produce many and I put myself on the waiting list at Selfridges and at the Pucci Store on Sloane Street and basically harassed them like a proper stalker every single day until one day magically they called me and told me that they had received it and I had 24 hours to come and collect or else they would give it to someone else. Because we got married in Ibiza I always knew that I would want to change out of my wedding dress at some point into something shorter so that I could really dance the night away and this dress couldn’t have been more “Ibiza” if I had made it myself! It fills me with SO much joy when I see it because it brings back all the memories of that day, and unlike a long wedding dress I can actually wear it more than once.

The trip itself was amazing. Spending ten days uninterupted with just my husband and Mila was so lovely and I have never felt more loved up than I do right now. I found it really tough to pick a hotel in Mauritius. There are so many choices and we had never been before. We stayed at The One & Only and as it has a good brand name I figured you can’t really go wrong. When we arrived I felt a little disappointed mainly because it was very outdated. The hotel is actually closing in February for a 9 month refurb so it would have been great to go once that is completed. But holidays are really just about the experiences you have and people you are with so after day one I could have been in a hut and been a happy camper (and let’s be clear its obviously a lovely hotel! And I am only even mentioning it because I like to be honest and share with all of you.) It had an amazing Indian restaurant and it is also IDEAL for couples travelling with children: our room was literally 10 steps from the beach so whenever Mila was hot or hungry we could just pop back into the room and be out again on the beach in a flash. We took her to the beach, swimming, to dinners every night and it all went very smoothly. Even the flights. I would say to anyone thinking about travelling with children to just do it. I am generally quite chilled about these things but I think its all in the mindset. All babies really need is love, sleep and food (with a whole lot of nappy changes too of course!) and sure they will have tantrums but they are babies after all, and once you are there you have the best time. I used to worry if having a child would change the relationship between my husband and I; would we have less time for each other or get into silly fights about things? But I think we have never been closer. Having a child is such a profound thing and we just spend most of our time smiling goofily at each other amazed that we created this wonderful unicorn of a being! The three of us spent 10 days in our own little bubble and nothing is better than that. xx

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