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Zara coat | Jimmy Choo heels | J Brand jeans

Happy Monday! I had such a wonderful weekend and so I thought I would focus todays post on what I like to do in London on a typical weekend. I have to laugh at myself sometimes because I can be quite stubborn as a person and I am awful when it comes to the idea of change in my life. Until it actually happens and then I always embrace it. So when I found out that I was pregnant I used to get SO annoyed at people when they told me “your life will change so much!” In fact I am sure I have probably written about it in one of my previous posts during pregnancy, adamant that I wouldn’t let having a baby change my life. And what a surprise, of course it has!

I was never really much of a homebody – I love being out the house and we still do that a lot. But we used to go out a lot at night with my husband and that has definitely changed. I once asked my brother if he minded not going out as much anymore and he said no because he WANTS to spend time with his daughters. And it might sound ridiculous but honestly until Mila was born I couldn’t really get my head around that. Surely you still want to have fun?! Now that she is here I finally understand. I want to spend every second with her. I don’t want to feel tired around her. I want to make the most of my weekends with her and my husband. I do think its important to go on date nights and see friends. But we just come home early these days so we get a good nights sleep. I am very lucky in that Mila would literally sleep through an earthquake so we can take her anywhere – we went to Mayfair for some Chinese food last night and she slept the entire time. As long as I have gotten her to sleep then I can just move her into her pram and off we go. 

So what does my typical weekend look like these days? On Friday we often make plans to have dinner out – either just the two of us or with friends. I have a nanny who babysits Mila but I always make sure that I am the one who does her bathtime and puts her to bed. Dinner is usually in Mayfair – currently obsessed with Sexy Fish but otherwise we often go to The Arts Club as I have a membership which comes in handy as you don’t have to reserve. One less thing to think about in the week! On Saturday I wake up at around 7am as Mila has a very strict routine (which I have spoken about before and which helps with planning the day.) I then often have a personal training session (one of the biggest changes I have noticed is that I don’t have time to go to the gym as much; I used to go 5 times a week and now try to squeeze in two sessions) and during this time Mila gets to spend some one on one time with her daddy. We then usually have brunch out of the house (this weekend we went to one of my favourites Granger) and go for a long walk in whatever area we happen to be in to burn off some of those calories 😉 We then go home via Wholefoods on High Street Kensington to pick up ingredients for dinner – I could spend hours in there just wandering through the aisles. Once we are home we have lots of playtime and read stories to her and then often cook together once we have put Mila to bed. This weekend we left the house again in the evening to go and watch some fireworks but most Saturday evenings we now spend at home and I find them so cosy! On Sunday morning we go for a coffee run as a family and a long walk. Usually through Kensington Gardens as it is so stunning there especially during this time of the year. We usually eat at home – as great as Mila is at being out the house I also know that she loves her room and its important for her to spend a lot of time at home with her toys and books learning and interacting with us! So we have a long lazy day at home the three of us. We don’t often go for dinner on a Sunday night but I think we might start a new tradition after last night – its such a lovely way to end the day. What do you all get up to on the weekend? I would love to know! x

Ps – I have done an edit of my favourite coats for you all below – you can scroll through the cookbook and click on the links to buy. I am sort of in two minds about coats. On the one hand I think its great to invest in coats and spend a bit more on something you will want to use every winter (I am so in love with my Maxmara one from last winter.) But on the other hand you can find some amazing pieces for less such as this red Zara coat so if you want more than one coat in the winter then it might be worth stocking up on a few cheaper ones too!

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