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Happy Friday! So fiiiiinally here is my boys clothing edit. First of all can I just say that I don’t have a son so I am not quite sure why I decided to start writing this post but I think its because I love looking at clothes whether they are boys or girls or womens or mens and I always feel a bit bad for my followers who have boys because I am obviously only posting about girls clothes. And I do often wonder if I had a boy next what would I dress him in.

It was really interesting to do a poll to see what people prefer. 62% said classic and 38% said sporty. Also so many of you wrote me DM’s saying it depends on the age of your son – that at first you would dress them in classic clothes but later on its more practical to dress them in sporty clothes. That makes total sense to me. But I do definitely lean towards the classic style – its how I dress my girls and I love seeing boys dressed this way too. One of you sent me a photo of your son that was literally exactly how I would imagine dressing my son if I had one – chinos and the most beautiful monogrammed cashmere jumper. So classic. But (sort of!) practical at the same time. But I also totally get that when children get older they have no interest in their mothers dressing them – if I am anything to go by then I probably only have about another year of choosing Mila’s outfits. I have always been extremely strong willed and I used to throw tantrums when my mum tried to dress me in exactly the sort of dresses I now dress my girls in (sorry mummy!)

I don’t think I would go all out classic for my boys with ruffled shirts but you never know. I started off by linking up lots of items I love but to be honest there are so many brands and so many stores that it would have taken me weeks – so instead I have listed below the main brands I like (and I am sure I am missing so many!) and then done a little edit of my favourite pieces at the very bottom. There are so many beautiful independent brands that do gorgeous things and I have found (a few) high street pieces too. So here are some of my favourite brands & stores:

Amaia kids – love their shirts for boys and actually love everything on their site.

Jacadi – don’t love everything but I think they do really great casual chinos for example.

Cashmirino – OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to cover it. It is EXPENSIVE be warned I think even more so than Bonpoint. But everything is amazing. Even if you get one thing for a special occasion. The shirts are not my style at all but all of the knitwear is so so beautiful.

Caramel – simple classic pieces.

Trotters – I am a huge fan (buy lots for the girls from there) – its reasonably priced and good quality.

Boden – they have a few cute pieces and do reasonably priced cashmere.

Belle Enfant – although more of a girls brand (my favourite for my girls) all the cashmere is in neutral colours so totally works for boys too. The newborn gift set is divine.

H&M – you can find some great bits for kids (for example I buy lots of leggings for Mila for nursery days from there!) – love these chinos for boys.

Pepa & Company – they have some gorgeous pieces for both boys and girls. Some bits can be a bit OTT but I love this brand.

Baby Gap – a lot of it is very sporty but they do cute knitwear at super reasonable prices such as this cable knit one.

Mini La Mode – I think for baby boys the babygrows are really cute.

La Coqueta – one of my absolute favourites for the girls and I think if I had a boy I would definitely dress them in some of these pieces. Shirts and chinos are gorgeous!

Paz Rodriguez – as I said I think the ruffled shirts for boys are a bit much perhaps but I love love so many of their pieces and have a weakness for dungarees!

Tao & Friends – not my usual style at all but I love these for pyjamas. They are fun and although I dress my girls in girly often quite neutral clothes, I think you can have a bit of fun with pyjamas!

Olivier & Baby – British independant cashmere label – gorgeous things for boys and girls!

J.Crew – great basics and also chinos and cashmere.

The Nursery Window – I love everything in this store! But for baby boys they do super sweet babygrows and basics.

Bonpoint – obviously lovely. But I do sometimes think its really overpriced for what it is.

Blue Almonds – another gorgeous independent store with so many amazing things also for the nursery.

Treehouse – cute basics.

Paloma De La O – If you DO love the ruffle look then this brand is really cute.

Rosie & Lula – gorgeous indépendant store that have a few cute things for boys.

Oscar et Valentine – one of my all time favourites.

Tartine et Chocolat – another of my all time favourites with lots of cute boys clothing.

And below are just a few of my favourite pieces. Hope you found it a little helpful but as I said I am really no expert as I don’t have any boys to dress. It took me probably a year to discover all the brands I love for Mila and I am still always discovering new ones which I love. But I will try to link up some boys bits every now and then too 🙂 xx

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