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Loveshackfancy dress | Balenciaga boots | Gucci sunglasses | YSL belt | Mercedes Salazar earrings

Hiiiii! I feel like I am ALWAYS apologising for my posts being late these days but such is life. Every Monday I feel like I am going to have loooooads of time to blog away and then suddenly its Friday and I have been busy with my girls and I still haven’t posted. I am always doing it little by little and then I get busy with life and suddenly I realise its not done. But I LOVE blogging just as much as I always did if not more. So here we go. I will keep this very short and sweet in terms of the writing part and keep the focus on the clothes! I keep saying it but I will say it again – the highstreet is so so amazing right now!! So I have included ALOT of highstreet items in my edit but added a few designer bits too. I haven’t included THAT many highstreet swimwear pieces because I simply haven’t found that many yet that I love but will be more soon I am sure in the lead up to summer.

We are off to LA – I cannot wait. Ibiza and LA are my two favourite destinations and we have been many times with my husband so its lovely to always go back somewhere you feel you know quite well. I will probably be overdressed for LA but thats the story of my life lol. (I still have to sneak on a pair of trainers on the nursery run sometimes as I feel so silly rocking up in my heels!) I’ll be taking some old bits I love as well as some new bits I have bought in the past few months that I am SO excited to wear! And some casual pieces too. I am also going to do a shop section on my blog boutique page with lots of the things ill be wearing in LA as I plan on only doing stories about my trip rather than any shopping links whilst I am there. But that way for those who want to shop my looks you can do it easily. I know some of you might be going on actual beach holidays so some might be looking for more beachy kaftans etc so have tried to include a few of those too.

I am sure I have forgotten so many brands but I will do some insta stories tomorrow of what I am packing. The girls suitcases are packed already so I actually feel quite organised and we don’t leave until Thursday morning so I should have a bit of time tomorrow. Worth also checking out lovely small independent brands such as Neve&Noor and A Piedi (my slides from my story today) to name a few. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter whatever your plans are and thanks for stopping by xx (ps. I will be doing a motherhood update on my return from LA) xx


Designer Picks:

Somewhere In Between Picks:

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Highstreet picks:

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