Dream A Little Citrus Dream…

IMG_9512 IMG_9518 IMG_9521 IMG_9522 IMG_9538 IMG_9577 IMG_9581 IMG_9583 IMG_9585 IMG_9587The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: Whistles leather midi skirt (similar here), Pure Cashmere t-shirt, Gianvito Rossi heels and Chanel bag.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: Being somewhat obsessed with fashion & clothes, to put it mildly, I ALWAYS look forward to evenings out where I can dress up and find the “perfect outfit” to wear. I am always trying to “out do” my previous look. Daytime is more often than not about comfort for me (as I am sure most of you would agree), but in the evenings it is simply about putting together pieces that I absolutely love. Sometimes in life you have those moments when you feel like you really nailed a look…and Friday was such a time for me. Combining four of my favourite things: beautiful high heels, bright colours, leather and Chanel, I stepped out of my apartment feeling like I could conquer the world. Yes I take fashion very seriously in case you hadn’t noticed 😉

It was fortunate that such an outfit was taken for a spin to the Michelin-starred restaurant Texture, which for me is one of London’s finest in terms of both food and atmosphere. No perfect evening for me is complete without food. I LOVE eating out, but I often find myself disappointed with restaurants.  Maybe I expect too much too often, but when a restaurant gets it right you realise that every meal should taste that way. In the same way that I seek perfection in my outfits, I am always searching for the perfect restaurant. There are only a small handful that I would go to over&over again, and Texture is one of them.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: Wear pieces that you love. FACT. If you put together an outfit from items you are in love with individually, then the pieces will fall together to form a spot-on look.

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