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IMG_0153IMG_0114IMG_9130 (2) IMG_9131 (2)IMG_0210 (2)IMG_0189IMG_0196IMG_0202IMG_9170 (2)IMG_0208IMG_0204 (2)The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: Zara trousers, ASOS rollneck, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Wilbur&Gussie clutch.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: London can feel like an overwhelmingly large city, but after a while you realise that each area is almost like its own town and that it is actually a very small world. I consider myself very lucky to live in Chelsea and spend a lot of my spare time frequenting the shops, restaurants, nail & hair salons in the area…so I know it pretty well and love to offer friends and strangers tips on where to go.

This week I was invited to a lovely event at one of my favourite stores Baar&Bass and took two girlfriends along with me; they were excited as I haven’t stopped raving about this store since discovering it earlier this year. The owner Maddie has exquisite taste, which can be seen in the product she buys, the way she has decorated the store and also in all the little details such as the packaging which is simply beautiful. As a fashion blogger I am always on the lookout for new brands, so whenever I walk into Baar&Bass it is a treat as I discover some amazing brand that I have never even heard of. She also stocks some of my current favourites such as Kiini, Paloma Blue and Manebi.

On Wednesday evening lots of like-minded Chelsea women gathered in the store, where we were treated to champagne, juices from Imbibery and shots from soon-to-be-launched company Lovo (anyone that loves coconut water will be a fan of this!) We were then treated to a fun talk by health & beauty experts Susannah Taylor (founder of Get The Gloss) and Katie Greenall, mainly on how to achieve a year-round bikini body. Susannah has launched a new guide called Project Bikini that helps you to achieve your dream body in 12 weeks in a healthy way…who doesn’t want that? And of course we were able to shop after the talk; no Fashion Bug outing is complete without a few purchases!! (totally obsessed with my MuaMua dolls t-shirt.)

Deciding to make a real girly evening out of it, we then went onto the newly opened South Kensington Club for a Bex Rox jewellery event (OMG the building is insanely beautiful) and ended up at the also newly opened Iddu restaurant next door for some cake and wine! The restaurant is adorable with just a few tables, and they serve amazing sweet treats (not so good for the 12 week bikini plan.) Turns out an old friend of mine owns them both. London can be a very small world indeed!

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