Field Of Dreams…








I was recently asked to describe myself and one of the words I used was “dreamer.” I guess thats one of the reasons I love fashion so much. For me fashion isn’t just about putting together outfits. Its so much more than that. Its all about dressing up, about using my imagination and to some extent about creating a world of make believe. Fashion takes us out of the ordinary of everyday life. I love shooting my outfits around the streets of London (and this is part of the reason I love blogging) but when I recently found out about some lavender fields just outside of London I jumped at the chance to go and shoot some outfits there. I wanted to create some really special, fun and memorable photographs that I could look back on instead of just another London look. I took two beautiful dresses with me that I had bought during pregnancy (sorry these are no longer available) to wear post-birth (I am always thinking ahead) that I probably won’t wear very often at all (but I am not the most practical when thinking ahead!) The light was just perfect that afternoon, the colours were amazing and I am so happy with the results. I often wonder if Mila will be like me. My husband is the polar opposite to me so she could go either way. Or have an entirely different personality to either one of us. Secretly a tiny part of me hopes she is girly like me so I can dress up with her! In any case I can’t wait to one day share all my experiences with my sweet little girl xx

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