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Lucca Couture jumpsuit | Gianvito Rossi shoes | Rae Feather clutch

A lot of you have been asking me to do a post about stylish outfits you can wear whilst breastfeeding. My blog is all about sharing so first of all I have to share a little bit about how I breastfeed. We have Mila in a routine where she eats every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm after which she has a dreamfeed at around 10:30pm and amazingly only wakes up once in the night at around 2:30am (and hopefully she will drop this at some point in the next few months and sleep through the night.) Everyone has different ways of doing things but this is what works for us. She seems to really love her routine as she always knows what is coming next and she is literally like a clock only getting fussy at the exact time her feed is due! It also means that I can easily go about my day and more often than not come home with her for the feeds so I don’t necessarily let breastfeeding dictate my outfits because at home I can easily just whip off my clothing without having to think about the practicalities of feeding her in what I am wearing. If I know that I will be out for more than 3 hours then I take a bottle of expressed milk with me. I don’t have an issue with breastfeeding her in public but I just don’t find it very practical or comfortable. My husband laughs at me for how badly I deal with being uncomfortable but I really do prefer to be sitting in a comfortable chair at home, where I can enjoy this special bonding moment with my daughter properly. I have tried to breastfeed outside many times the most memorable being on a sunny afternoon in Grosvenor Square. I was wearing an off the shoulder top so it was easy enough to pull down and give Mila access to her milk but sitting on an uncomfortable bench, my husband trying to cover me with a swaddle cloth, the wind blowing my hair over my face, Mila getting increasingly frustrated was not a particularly smooth experience. It made me want to just get my boobs out for the world to see and not have to deal with trying to navigate around my clothing. However, I have done it and if I need to I will so I know what works and what doesn’t. I think the easiest styles are jumpsuits and playsuits that are low cut (you can wear a pretty structured bra underneath) wrap dresses and tops, or anything with buttons at the front that you can easily undo! (I love the polka dot dress from Zara) Below are some options for you all from high-street to high-end. If anyone is into jumpsuits, the american apparel cotton one is great! xx


Clockwise from top left:

Auguste leopard print shirt (£99) – buy it here

J Brand denim playsuit (£195) – buy it here

Topshop ditsy floral wrap dress (£46) – buy it here

Zara polka dot dress (£29.99) – buy it here

American Apparel Madeleine jumpsuit (£34) – buy it here

ASOS Premium red playsuit (£60) – buy it here

Heartloom romper (£78) – buy it here

Lucca Couture floral jumpsuit (£65) – buy it here

Lucca Couture striped playsuit (£62) – buy it here

Neve & Noor bell sleeve gown (£195) – buy it here

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