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Zara jumper (worn as dress) | Steve Madden boots | Ranjana Khan earrings | Fendi bag

Happy Monday! Sorry my posts are a bit few and far between at the moment – life is just so crazy right now and about to get even more hectic in about 12 weeks time! But in a really really good way. Hopefully you can keep up to date with all my goings on through my daily Instagram posts and stories. Anyways I have finally done my highstreet shopping edit as promised. I have split it up into categories to make it easier. Shoes. Dresses & skirts. Knits. Jewellery. Coats & jackets. And trousers. I haven’t included bags because I REALLY believe that investing in a designer bag even if its ONE in your entire lifetime is worth it rather than buying something on the cheap from the high street. However saying that I do believe that you can buy amazing beach totes for more affordable prices from companies such as my personal favourite Edit.58 and my latest obsessed @kaimima_ (although I would say that @kaimima_ bags aren’t exactly “cheap!”) Enjoy and I will be writing a pregnancy update soon I promise! xx

Shoes: I haven’t included that many because again I do think that shoes are worth investing in. My moto has always been that you can wear the cheapest clothes but if you add some luxury accessories your outfit will look like its worth so much more! I like to invest in designer clothing but I also wear a lot of high street clothing and its all about mixing it up. But there are a few fab ones here – I especially love my Steve Madden boots – they are so comfy and reasonably priced.

Dresses & skirts: lots to choose from here. Some great maxi dresses, a few pencil skirts (Iris & Ink have a fabulous leather one that isn’t too crazy expensive) and a few shorter dresses that are great transitional pieces.

Knits: my fav! These are so cosy and comfy and it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or not they suit everyone. Love teaming my knits with either a pencil skirt or leather leggings at the moment. And there are endless great high street options (love love my Zara one.)

Jewellery: Again personally this is something I would rather invest in. I’m not talking about spending thousands on fine jewellery but a lot of the brands I am wearing at the moment (Mercedes Salazar, Soru and Ranjana Khan) do amazing statement earrings that are priced between £200-£400 and I know that they will  be in my jewellery box in 20 years. Having said that there are some amazing finds on the high street and on Etsy (my silver bon bon ones are from there.)

Coats & jackets: Now here is a category where I think you don’t need to go all out. I would say its great to invest in one designer coat (I love Maxmara when I want to splurge) but especially with things like faux fur (love the h&m pink and leopard ones) I think the highstreet has a fantastic selection. This way you can get a few and rotate them during the winter months!

Trousers: I’ve included lots of leather trousers because I will always favour these over jeans. I do love a good pair of jeans every once in a while but hate them when I am pregnant and leather trousers just look so much slicker. Iris & Ink have some great mid-priced ones – love the burgundy – but I have also found these fantastic ones on Revolve for under £70. And I have been wearing my ASOS ones non-stop – get them here.

That’s it from me today but I will be hopefully doing a few more posts before we head off on holiday on Saturday. Thank you as always for following along xx

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