Velvet Dreams

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I hate to say it (it feels like summer only started a second ago) but I am really excited for Autumn. We are off to Puglia in the beginning of September and of course I am really looking forward to that but considering how miserable August here in London has been I would rather it were a little cooler and that we could all start actually wearing the new season clothing! I can’t wait for the cosy knits, the knee high boots and of course for my winter baby.

As I get closer and closer to the due date I find myself thinking a lot about how it will be this time around – Mila was born at the end of June so a total summer baby and my second is due at the end of November so literally the complete opposite. Will my experience be different? I am sure to some extent! Everything seemed so easy with Mila because it was the start of summer and I spent most of my time outside taking her EVERYWHERE with me and thats in part how she became so good at sleeping outside of our home – she was used to the noise. She loved being sociable and watching the world go by. We went for the longest walks all the time and played outside and the summer felt like it went on forever. It was amazing and I have the best memories. This time I am sure I will spend much more time indoors but I am so excited to experience that – to be able to snuggle up at home with my newborn without feeling like I should be making the most of the outdoors. To have duvet days and just slow down the pace a little. I will of course keep you updated on how it all pans out!

But now back to fashion. I am excited about several trends for this upcoming season and one of those is velvet (which was around a lot last year anyway.) I LOVE velvet. Velvet shoes, velvet bags, velvet dresses. There is something so luxurious about it. So last week I found my velvet dress of dreams from Zara (find it here) and as so many of you seemed to like it I thought I would do a round-up of all my favourite velvet items out there at the moment.

Bags: I think investing in one velvet bag in your life is definitely worth it – even if the trend subsides a little a velvet bag will always be something that you can pull out in the winter and it will be just as fab. I was contemplating getting the black velvet Gucci Marmont but then stumbled across this turquoise version and knew that it was the bag for me. I have a lot of black bags and I wanted something different (but they also do a fabulous pink one if thats more your colour.)

Shoes: I recently invested in these Prada black velvet platforms (which are super comfy btw and also come in a stunning burgundy colour) and now find myself drawn to all velvet shoes. There are lots of velvet slippers out there at the moment that are super chic. Here is a roundup of my favourites.

Clothing: I think velvet trousers are fab (wide leg only though!) as they look super slick and you can dress them down with a t-shirt or a big oversized knit (such as this Ganni one I have.) But I am in general more of a dress girl and there are so many great pieces out there. Some are definitely more evening pieces but great for date nights or events. I bought a Reformation black velvet dress at the beginning of the year to wear on my bday evening and its still one of my favourite dresses. Super simple black velvet but the cut is just divine. Shop all my favs below. xx

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