Me Time

I always said before Mila was born that I wanted to be a happy mother. Because I genuinely believe that a happy mother results in a happy baby. They pick up on your vibes and all that. This was my reasoning for having a maternity nurse with Mila. I never want to be a grumpy mother around her. Up until last week I can honestly say I have never found parenting or being a mother particularly tough. Sure you have some sleepless nights but I have never needed much sleep. Mila has always been relatively easy and whenever there is a difficult situation I inject some humour into it. But last week was definitely the toughest one I have had so far. I am a mother just like any other mother and I have the same problems that any other mothers have. I wish we could all be super mums all the time but sometimes we all have those days when shit just really hits the fan. It wasn’t anything in particular. I guess a build up lots of things. A few weeks ago I was really sick with the flu whilst my husband was in China (what is it about timing?!) and then when he came back he got it. And then last week Mila’s sleeping was all over the place and it just reached a climax when on Friday shortly before we were due to leave for her gymboree class, Mila had a no.2 explosion that was so insanely messy that I spent around 45 mins cleaning it up. I am not one of those mothers that love talking about this kind of stuff (and I actually thought this was all a myth and have gotten by just fine in my white jeans up until now!) but I had to share because it was like a scene from a movie that you pray will never happen to you. It was so far from glamorous and needless to say we did not make the gymboree class. So when the evening finally rolled around I was SO ready for date night. I couldn’t wait to get glammed up and I enjoyed every second of it. I think I enjoyed it even more than usual because the week had been so tough. And my spa date with my best friend on Saturday was a very welcome treat. And yes we talked about our babies. But we didn’t only talk about our babies.

We went to the Bvlgari hotel and each had a massage followed by a facial followed by some relaxation time and then we had lunch, champagne and chats by the pool. It. Was. Amazing. And we decided we should do it once a month or at least on a more regular basis. I had been a wreck that morning when my husband left the apartment with Mila because I couldnt imagine spending the day without her. I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Life is all about routine with Mila and suddenly there was nothing that I had to do. I got myself out of bed and took care of a few morning errands and then I suddenly realised it was the first time that I had properly had a morning to myself since Mila was born. I LOVE my mornings with her – its my favourite part of the day. When she is all bright eyed and bushy tailed. But I think you get so caught up in everything to do with your baby that its easy to forget about taking care of yourself. I didn’t have to think about leaving the apartment with nappies or food or a change of clothes. I just left. And got myself a coffee and walked in the sunshine. And then spent 4 hours being pampered. By the time I left the hotel I had these insane pangs of missing her and when I got back to her I hugged her for what felt like forever. I felt so happy and refreshed and relaxed all at the same time. My mind was clear and I once again felt ready to tackle any tricky parenting situations that come my way. All mummies definitely deserve a little “me” time (and I would absolutely recommend going for a spa break because lets face it who doesn’t love a massage.) I think sometimes the best thing to do when it feels a little tough is to take yourself completely out of the situation and come back with a fresh outlook.

Oh and I wore the most beautiful swimsuit for the occasion. I am so into one-pieces at the moment and found this one from Beach Cafe. I have put together my favourites for you below – all of them black or white xx

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