The Slogan Tee

Isabel Marant tee | MiH jeans | Topshop cardigan | Gianvito Rossi shoes | Illesteva sunglasses | Chanel bag

Happy Friday all! So I got an email the other day with an offer for a place to one of my top choices for nurseries for Mila. For September. I took one look and I burst out crying. A bit over the top? Perhaps. But how on earth can I possibly even be thinking about sending my little baby to nursery this coming September. Its a really good nursery. So good in fact that we had to hand in the application on the day she was born (although this is pretty much applicable to all nurseries in London) And even so we went straight onto the waitlist. Most nurseries start when your child is around 2.5 years but this one is as early as the September after their first birthday. The thing is I do think it is important for Mila to be around other children as she thrives in that kind of environment. She LOVES gymboree. And it would only be for 3 afternoons a week. For a few hours. Problem is I filled it out when I was pregnant not really thinking things through and had put down 4 afternoons a week. And thats where I had to draw the line. I just cannot send my 14 month old away 4 afternoons every week. When I am a working from home mother. I know that I am incredibly lucky to be able to work from home which means I can be around Mila pretty much all the time, but that makes the decision even more difficult because why wouldn’t I have her with me?! It still feels like I literally just gave birth and now I already have to make a decision about sending her to nursery in six months time! CRAZY.

Anyways, todays topic is slogan tee’s. I am obsessed. Loving all the Isabel Marant ones and of course the Gucci ones. The thing that is great about slogan tees is that they are accessible. OK so the Gucci price tag is a bit hefty but all of the others on my list are reasonable and its a way to add a little bit of luxury into your closet. You can wear them with jeans or dress them up with leather pants in the evening. I love dressing up but I think at heart I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person and so this look is one of my favourites! So simple. You can shop my favourites below.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am off on a date night with my husband tonight – dinner (Italian) and a movie (finally seeing La La Land as last time we didn’t book tickets and it had sold out by the time we got there!) And tomorrow I am spending the entire day at a spa with my best girlfriend….ahhhh I literally cannot wait. I think sometimes mothers deserve and need a little “me” time. My best friend had a baby at the end of November and I cant wait to go and spend the day with her but I am sure we will end up talking about babies for 99% of the time! xx

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