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Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all well! I’ve had a bit of a nightmare start to the week because Mila caught hand, foot and mouth from nursery. I knew that starting nursery would mean she would get sick but honestly I never ever even heard of this illness. And its AWFUL. My poor little baby is covered in spots and blisters. I thought something was off as we went for a family dinner on Friday evening after nursery to The Ivy and she is usually so well behaved when we go out and she just had one tantrum after another. I always trust my gut and she just wasn’t being herself so we quickly headed home. The next day we had an appointment with our family doctor because she was due to have her chicken pox booster and she fell asleep way before her usual nap time just before the appointment. The doctor quite rightly said there is no way she can give her the booster if she is even a little run down but she had a general check of her and said it seems like something is brewing. So we took it pretty easy during the weekend and on Sunday night she started to feel really unwell. She usually goes to sleep very easily at 7pm but she was awake until midnight and just seemed really agitated and by Monday morning she had what looked like two cold sores on her mouth. I wondered why on earth a toddler would have cold sores and by Monday night she had a really sore rash on her knees and thighs. We called a night doctor who came to our house at around 10pm and he told us he suspects that it is hand foot and mouth. He told us she had blisters on the inside of her mouth and on her tongue and that if it is indeed what he thinks it is then probably in the next day or so she will get blisters all over her hands and feet. And the next morning she woke up and was covered in them.

There is NOTHING worse than seeing your child suffer. I feel so helpless and sad for her although she is a trooper and she is really happy in the day its just the nights when it really bothers her. I am overly emotional anyways at the moment so I cry so easily in the evenings when I see her suffering. But on top of that I have the added stress of catching it myself – generally adults don’t get it as we have immunity to all kinds of children’s diseases from our own childhood but as I am pregnant it is something that does cross my mind and I just have to make sure I am constantly washing my hands. Its easy to forget about the baby in your stomach when you have a toddler but she will be just as important to me so I need to sometimes remind myself to slow down and take care of myself too! But its not like I am not going to hold and cuddle Mila – she is my biggest love and all I want is for her to feel better. Anyways she is on the mend – last night she slept through the night and every day she is stronger. And I guess it is better that she gets it now and she will end up having a very strong immune system (although I am sure she will get sick a few more times from nursery before that happens!)

But being in the house for a few days has actually been great because every time Mila sleeps I have gotten the opportunity to really spend time focusing on the second nursery and sorting out lots of admin. And focusing on my blog too! I have made a list of all the topics you all would like me to write about and I am working through it but one thing that I myself really wanted to blog about is leopard print. Because I am obsessed. And always have been. It has been my favourite print for as long as I can remember and although we talk about it as a print I really do believe its more like a neutral – it goes with everything and every single wardrobe should have some of it.

Above are some of my key picks available now! You can team these pieces with jeans and neutral colours or if you want a real pop then add some red which I love.

Below I have done a round up of all my favourite leopard items – coats, dresses, skirt, jeans and of accessories. And I have split them up into categories to make it easy for you all. I think what is most important about leopard print is finding the right print but once you do the tones usually work for everyone and it adds SO much to a look. Some of my best performing outfit posts on Instagram recently have been ones that contain leopard print so I think a lot of you agree with me too!

Coats & Jackets

Dresses, Trousers & Skirts





Thats all hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of the week xx

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