My Favourite Things

Warehouse skirt | Marks & Spencer knit | Isabel Marant boots | Illesteva sunglasses | Chanel bag

Someone asked me yesterday to blog about my favourite things so here you go! I have tried to think of lots of different things but if anyone still has any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask. Here is yesterdays outfit – I know it sounds crazy but until recently I have literally never bought anything from M&S I just thought it was quite mumsy and never really bothered looking at their site. But I was shocked – I found lots of things I love.  And so last week I bought not one but two items: this flute sleeve knit and a dress I am sure I will wear soon! How amazing are the sleeves on this top?!

Favourite spa: The ESPA spa at The Corinthia hotel.

Favourite beauty product: Creme de la Mer face cream.

Favourite lipstick: MYTH by MAC. I love a nude lip.

Favourite food: Japanese. But I love Italian too.

Favourite go-to outfit: Leather trousers, an oversized knit and flatforms.

Favourite movie: Love Story. Or anything with Will Ferrell.

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby. Great Expectations. Basically anything with Great in the title!

Favourite holiday destination: So tough. But has to be Ibiza as we got married there and the island is pure magic.

Favourite hobby: hiking. I love being in nature.

Favourite type of holiday: Beach. Although I love skiing too.

Favourite series: Californication. Its outrageous and inappropriate a lot of the time but I love Hank & Karen’s dysfunctional but somehow romantic relationship.

Favourite bar: Connaught Bar at The Connaught Hotel

Favourite designer brand: Chanel. I would buy EVERYTHING from Chanel if I could!

Favourite type of exercise: Boxing.

Favourite holiday: Our weekend in Seville last year. I can’t pinpoint why but we just had such an amazing time. We felt like two teenagers so in love discovering the city and eating great food. Makes me smile every time I think about it.

Favourite online store for Mila: ChildrenSalon.

Favourite clothing brand for Mila: Bonpoint.

Favourite department store: Harrods. Always makes me feel like a little girl as I used to go to London on weekends with my parents and go for shopping, lunch and walks.

Favourite sweet treat: I’m obsessed with Cold Stone Creamery in the US and so if I am really craving something sweet I make my own at home. Also LOVE coffee ice-cream.

Favourite alcoholic drink: wine. Or an espresso martini. Can you tell I love coffee?

Favourite quality in a person: loyalty.

Favourite UK getaway: Coworth Park. Or my parents house in Kent.

Favourite piece of jewellery: My Van Cleef & Arpels necklace. It was the first gift my husband ever bought for me 8 years ago and I wear it every single day and never really take it off. It has almost more meaning to me than my engagement ring or wedding band because it was totally unexpected. I was absolutely devastated last year because when we were in Sweden at a spa weekend I took it off when I went for a massage and left it in the room where I had the treatment. Because I was pregnant I had TOTAL baby brain and forgot until we were leaving and realised I wasn’t wearing it. I literally lost it but thankfully they managed to track it down and return it to me safely.

Favourite thing about Finland (where my parents come from): Our summer house. Its so idyllic and life there is very simple.

Favourite way to spend a Saturday: I love to start off by going to the gym then a long lazy brunch (not so long and lazy after having a baby haha) and then we enjoy hanging out with my brother and his wife who we are very close to!

Favourite gym: Grace Belgravia.

Favourite item of clothing I own: Either my Dolce & Gabbana dress from this summer or my second wedding dress which was a runway piece by Emilio Pucci.

Favourite song: November Rain by Guns n Roses. Or any kind of House Music.

Favourite pair of shoes: My blue Manolos.

Favourite thing about Mila: Everything. But I absolutely love her smile her entire face lights up and the way she crinkles her nose when she laughs.

Favourite lunch spot: The Arts Club. The food is tasty and I love the decor. For something more chilled Granger.

Favourite city: LA. We try to go at least once a year. I have always said I would move there in a heartbeat but now that we have a baby I want to be close to our families.

Favourite beach: The beaches in Formentera.

Favorite hotel: Sugar Beach in St.Lucia. We haven’t actually been since it became a Viceroy but I think its still pretty much the same as before they bought it. I would love to go again but because of Zika I have to avoid the Caribbean for a while 🙁 Also absolutely LOVE Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica.

Favourite high-street label: Zara. Have you seen how often I wear pieces from there??

Favourite online store: Net-a-porter. Probably where I buy the majority of my clothes. I do love Avenue 32 though as I love the selection of brands. And Revolve is great. Its tough to stick to one!

Favourite place for a date night: Two of our favourite date night restaurants don’t exist anymore! For our first ever date my husband took me to Les Trois Garcons in East London and we used to love going to Apsleys at The Lanesborough Hotel. Im not so fussed though to be honest I just love spending time with him whether its at a restaurant or seeing a movie!

Favourite thing to do with Mila: Going for long walks with her in the baby carrier. We walk through the park. Around the streets of Chelsea. Anywhere really. I love having her close to me and being outside. She doesnt love hugs for some reason so this forces her to be close! x

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