The Denim Edit

So I will let you in on a little secret. I am useless when it comes to anything tech related. Since switching from to .org (you have to do this if you want to grow your blog!) and using a hosting provider, the amount of times something has gone wrong is not worth counting. And as luck (or lack thereof) would have it, it always seems to be when I am in the middle of something else and unable to do anything about it. When I was 8 months pregnant for example and in the middle of moving house, my website got hacked. Then this Tuesday just gone my hosting provider had some kind of universal issue (yes this happens apparently) and my website was down. Then two days ago images stopped uploading properly on mobiles and tablets. My web developer is too busy to help me (I mean…) and at the exact moment when I found out about it I was bathing Mila and rushing to go to a long overdue girls dinner (whilst nursing my sick husband – yes he now has the flu after I was ill last week and I cant bear to see him ill it makes me so sad.) I like to think of myself as a very calm person. I never worried about things during pregnancy and I don’t worry about Mila very often because its not really in my nature. But this…this is something else. Every time my website stops working I literally have a mini panic attack inside. Up until yesterday I had thought that I myself am incapable of fixing the problem. However yesterday morning, with no clue how to find a web developer that could quickly fix the issue I decided to do it myself. Plugin whaaaaat? These terms were so alien to me but I forced myself to actually sit down and deal with the issue and ta-da I actually managed to sort it out. And whats more I actually quite enjoyed the process! A lot of it is very logical. It just requires time. Turns out that my theme was suddenly not compatible with tablets and phones but it took a while to figure this out. Now that I have spent a bit of time learning about coding and widgets I feel like I can actually do it myself next time without having to have that mini breakdown in between.

Anyways on to todays post. I have been wearing a lot of amazing jeans recently that I get asked about a lot and so I thought I would do a Denim Edit. Jeans are an essential part of our lives – I don’t know anyone who doesnt own a pair. Anyone can wear a pair from our mothers to teenagers albeit perhaps slightly different styles. I have done an edit of the styles I love right now including cropped, wardrobe essentials (the ones that never go out of fashion,) embellished (loving these right now!) and frayed.


First up my favourite style of the moment: cropped jeans. I think they are so flattering especially when worn with a small heel like my Chanel pumps. I recently came across the denim selection on Nasty Gal and I absolutely love it! How amazing are these high-waisted ones? Definitely on my shopping list. Frame is my go-to brand and these cropped ones are so easy to style. These flared Ellery ones are pricey but if you want to splurge they are soooooo fabulous! And I am obsessed with the hem on these Citizen Of Humanity ones also from Nasty Gal.

Wardrobe Essentials

There are certain jeans that everyone needs in their wardrobe so if you don’t want to get too carried away I would say get a plain pair of black, white and blue jeans. As I mentioned my favourite brand of the moment is Frame – check out their black, white and blue ones (I have them all as they are so easy as every day jeans!)  However there are some other styles I think everyone should have. A great pair of flares – the M.I.H. ones are fab – check out the blue pair here and the black pair here. A good pair of distressed jeans (I think my parents still don’t understand why I would buy an already broken pair of jeans!) – love these ones from New Look for £27.99 or for a designer pair check out these ones by R13. Every single time I wear Zara jeans I get asked where they are from so here is a great pair of new seasons Zara jeans perfect for every day use!


Another favourite trend is embellishment. Storets do great ones (a lot of you ask me about the shipping and duties so heres the info: yes you do pay duties but its not very expensive, shipping is super fast, the prices are amazing and I’ve never not loved something so I have yet to return an item!) You can shop my pearl embellished ones from last weekend (as pictured) here or another pearl embellished pair on my wish list here. ASOS White had a blue pair I really regretted not getting last year that were entirely covered in pearls but now they have the same pair in black so these are also on my wish list! I went into Topshop yesterday and found an amazing crystal embellished pair (you can see it on my insta story today!) but they have so many amazing ones at the moment – check out these and these. I am loving lots of high-street jeans at the moment but if you want a designer pair then these Stella McCartney ones are dreamy!


Last but not least – frayed jeans! Again many of you loved my Storets ones (also pictured!) and you can shop them here. And make sure you check out this and this amazing pair also from Storets. Another gem from New Look is this pair – again under £30! Love this black coated pair from JBrand that have a very subtle frayed hem for those who haven’t fully embraced this trend yet. And this pair from Sonia Rykiel have it all going on – the crop, the flare and the frayed hem!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend xx

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