New Season Favourites With Net A Porter

Happy Friday! I have just had one of those weeks this week. You know the ones where everything just happens at the same time and it feels a little overwhelming. It wasn’t anything in particular and I don’t often complain but this week was really tough for various different reasons and sometimes it feels good to just let it out. But then something wonderful happened yesterday that put everything into perspective. Because sometimes thats all we need – something to remind us of what is important and then we can reset. But I wanted to share that I had a crappy week because I think often on Instagram we get a glimpse into someone’s life and can quickly think everything is perfect when the truth is that everyone has really bad weeks when life is far from perfect!

On to more exciting things now. Autumn is probably my favourite season – the colours, the cosy clothes and those crisp mornings when everything just feels so fresh! Every August I start looking at all the new season clothes that are coming into stores and Ive learned over the years that its best to invest in your favourite pieces in the late summer as crazy as that might seem because come September all the best bits will have started selling out!

Net a Porter is and has been for years my absolute go-to shopping site and so I wanted to do a round up of all the new season pieces I am loving from there. I definitely do the majority of my shopping on there and I get the EIP preview before the new pieces come out every Monday Wednesday and Friday so often when I am winding down for the day I love checking what new pieces will be coming in. I have picked out lots of my favs from Net a Porter and have put them into categories below to make it easier and I am going to be doing another blog post to show how I styled some of my favourite pieces!

I wanted to run through each category one by one and explain why I love them! First of all bright turtlenecks. I wore that neon green one yesterday and just love the pop of colour that instantly adds so much to an outfit. I have the bright pink Calvin Klein one (linked here) and am thinking of pairing it with an old black floaty skirt and boots. If you are not quite ready for the neon colours you can go for a more pastel hue – loving the pale turquoise one linked here.

And speaking of pops of colour – I love red bags for Autumn. They look so fresh and there are plenty of options available.

Always a fan of prints (especially leopard which is such a neutral for me!) so I am loving all the bold dresses available at the moment. Longer dresses are great transitional pieces as you can pair them with ankle boots and a coats as the weather gets colder.

Leopard print isn’t going anywhere and it looks fab on a faux fur coat – this one is such a classic wardrobe staple. If you want to just add a hint of leopard then opt for shoes – they will add so much to any look.

Also loving all the pretty monochrome pieces – this jumper which has the most gorgeous ruffle collar and I paired it with this black tulle skirt (I have quite a few tulle skirts from old seasons and they are surprisingly easy to pull off during the daytime – they look great paired with knits!)

And lastly as always I am so into statement accessories. Earrings of course – the bigger the better – but also hair pieces such as scrunchies and this gorgeous velvet bow for the hair!

Hope you enjoyed my top picks and lots more posts coming next week! xx

This post is a paid collaboration with Net-a-Porter but all the words and choices of clothes are my own.

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