One Year Older

Ganni oversized knit | J.Crew shirt | Manolo Blahnik shoes | YSL bag | Iris & Ink leather trousers

Thank you ALL for my amazing birthday wishes – you truly helped make it such a special day. When I turned 25 and every year since that I have always been filled with dread in the lead up to my birthday. The fear of getting older and that another year has passed. I don’t know if it is related to having a baby, or the fact that my career is in a great place right now, or the fact that I am just more comfortable in my own skin as every year passes. But I have never felt happier in my life and for the first time this year I didn’t care at all about turning one year older. I had such a lovely day: I started off the day with cuddles from Mila (which is always the the best way to start a day) and then my husband spoiled me with presents (how A-MAZING is the baby pink Chanel?!) After this we headed out for breakfast – its become somewhat of a tradition to go for breakfast with my husband on the morning of my birthday. For the past few years we have gone to The Ivy Chelsea Garden (although my husband isn’t a huge fan to be honest but happily goes there for me) which is such a lovely start to the day and now with a baby feels even more special (its so nice to have just an hour alone with my husband every now and then.) I then went to Gymboree with Mila as usual and saw a friend that I always see on my birthday (I am all about traditions) –  this time we went to Harrods for a milkshake (please go if you live in London its on the 3rd floor next to the pizzeria and the Oreo milkshake was to die for.) In the evening we went for dinner with a close group of my friends and family and as I mentioned on my Instagram we were in bed by midnight. In the lead up to dinner I was so excited and during dinner I had a few drinks but then I just got to a point where I thought you know what I actually really just want to go home and have a lovely day tomorrow! (never would have happened pre-baby!) It was a normal day that wasn’t really any different to any other day but I guess thats what I have come to realise over the years – of course I love a big party every once in a while but really I don’t need to do anything remarkable to have a good time I just love hanging out with my family and friends.

I wore this turquoise Ganni jumper in the day. I am not usually so into bold colours but loved everything about this – the chunky thread, the fact that it is oversized, and yes of course the colour. It is such a statement piece. I think every wardrobe needs a few WOW pieces and that way you can mix and match them with basics such as jeans or leather trousers but you will always stand out.  I paired it with a J.Crew denim shirt (I have a few of these and they are so useful for layering) and my Iris & Ink leather trousers (I really want the beige ones but they have sold out of all the sizes unfortunately.) Wishing you all a lovely week and HAPPY VALENTINES for tomorrow! xx

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